Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability & Professionalism (LEAP) Africa is a nonprofit organization, which is committed to developing dynamic, innovative and principled African leaders. LEAP recognizes that leadership development is critical for nation building and wealth creation. As a result, it offers leadership training programmes and executive coaching services for business owners, social entrepreneurs and youth. It is committed to equipping these critical stakeholders with the skills, tools and support that they require to serve as change agents. LEAP also conducts research on leadership in Africa and provides leadership awards to youth.

Since its inception in May 2002, LEAP has successfully launched programmes for entrepreneurs and youth in twenty six Nigerian cities including the FCT in collaboration with non-profit and leading financial institutions. These programmes have enhanced the life and leadership skills of over 20,000 youth and business owners. In turn, many of LEAP’s beneficiaries have initiated high-impact change projects in their companies and communities. LEAP also pioneered training on ethics, through its Integrity Institute, offered in five Nigerian cities.

In addition, in 2008, LEAP launched its Leadership, Ethics and Civics (LEC) Programme for secondary school students in collaboration with the State Ministries of Education in Anambra, Lagos and Ogun States. The programme was extended to Taraba and Edo States in 2010. LEAP also launched the Employability Programme geared towards improving the employability of disadvantaged youth in four Nigerian states.

LEAP also invests in continuous research on leadership developments in Africa. This research serves as the basis for our innovative curriculum. To date, LEAP has successfully published five leadership books that have received endorsements from local and international leaders and professionals working in related fields.

Given its commitment to raising a new generation of African leaders, LEAP Africa partnered with the Aspen Institute, Databank Foundation (Ghana) and Technoserve to launch the Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) West Africa, an initiative that seeks to develop a new generation of community-spirited leaders in Ghana and Nigeria. In addition, LEAP, in collaboration with the African Leadership Institute launched the Nigeria 2025 Project, designed to develop a series of scenarios on how Nigeria could evolve in the future.

LEAP Programmes has received funding from Ford Foundation, Citi Foundation, JP Morgan, Nokia, Microsoft, International Youth Foundation, the United States Government, World Bank, TY DANJUMA Foundation, individuals and are supported by many Nigerian organizations.


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