For most metropolitan folks, Mondays are dreadful days, especially when your weekend was full of activity. On Mondays, employees rush out of their homes, fighting the lateness potential and hoping to beat nascent traffic. On the same routes too, students speed off to school, attempting to either keep a clean punctuality record at the assembly ground before the bell stops ringing or arrive at early-morning lectures promptly. So, even when the day is not going to be very busy, the hustles and bustles of the early hours of a simple Monday morning set the day on a busy tone.

But in truth, Monday is only as busy as the haste we make. It is just lucky to receive the attention it pulls as the first work day of the week. An observant mind would see Monday like any other work day stripping it of the ability to catch one unawares. And on days when it seems as though Monday stumbled on us, it is usually because of our inadequate preparedness for the new week’s tasks and a slight loss of familiarity with our old routines. Yet, trust impatient Monday, “he” is ready to snatch the next week right from euphoric Sunday. And his attitude could be worse if Sunday night had witnessed a rainy or snowy weather. You can be sure Monday will stealthily and suddenly light up the day while your bed still keeps you cozy.

For students who have had series of activities and assignments the previous week, starting work on Monday after the weekend crash could be horrible! People whose presence is vital labour market don’t get it easy either. In fact, workers have more to lose than semester grades: they could lose the very job that sustains the family cash flow! Preparing for the day alone could be frightening enough to keep one in bed for so long.

On the face of it, there is no new formula to apply against the Monday issue. All we can do is what we already know: to gain mastery over it, just prepare ahead. Monday’s only intention is always to sting us while we are looking away. But we can as much protect ourselves from this snare by creating our own backup system. To be precise, we should ensure that we find time, no matter how small, to relax during weekends. You could shake off some body stress and fatigue by combining good meals with good naps.

Think of how you could make the coming week better than the last. Try to finish off all office works that spilled over the weekend to reduce or totally eliminate excess work the next week. By doing these and more, you protect yourself from a crazy Monday and as the rush heightens the next week, you’d have time to enjoy the traffic. It’s like having a baseball bat in your hands, ready to hit hard at Monday. So, all you need do is take a convenient position, hold the bat firmly and when Mr. Monday comes, hit him hard in the groin. Monday could be fun, just prepare adequately.

Ayodeji Morakinyo is a leisure writer. He blogs at and corresponds for the youth programme of the Commonwealth of Nations.


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