Challenges of the Nigerian Youth – Job Search by Uchechi Abakporo

Uchechi Abakporo is a guest blogger with LEAP Africa and she writes about her personal experience searching for a job in Nigeria after studying in the United Kingdom. Read below

Uchechi Abakporo
Uchechi Abakporo

This post is a story about my personal experience; which may differ from others in a similar situation.

I relocated to Nigeria over a month ago from England; I was so excited and looked forward to the move. I had hoped searching for a job in my field won’t be a difficult task and job-related information will be easily available online. I guess that was wishful thinking because looking for a job in Nigeria “no be small thing o”.

Quite a number of job seekers with me included; are not so fortunate to know someone that knows someone who knows someone that work in companies with available job openings. As a result of this, we depend on advertised job openings.

This brings me to the core focus of this post “job search”. This is the challenge I have faced so far and presently facing which I believe is applicable to other Nigerian youths. There are just a handful of online jobsite portals present in Nigeria today. This had made job search extremely difficult.

I’m aware some companies do place job openings on their websites, but searching individual company sites is exhaustive! Also, getting information on the list of registered companies in one’s field to perform this herculean task is not readily available. Thus dependency on online job portals is extremely high; not only in Nigeria but globally as well.

I shared my frustration with my aunt the other day and she said “most companies place their job openings in newspapers”. Perhaps, I have to start buying all daily newspapers! There are quite a number of newspaper companies in Nigeria. The question now is; can an unemployed youth afford to buy them all? If I was to target a few newspaper companies, how can I determine which one company A or B will place their adverts?

I have even contemplated appearing uninvited to offices to hand in my CV. Again, this avenue is discouraging! Firstly, there is no easily accessible address directory for companies. Secondly, if I appear invited, there is a high probability of being refused entry on security or other official grounds. If I succeeded in making it past the big gate, what is the assurance that my submitted CV will get to the appropriate person for consideration?

Nevertheless, I and other Nigerian youths in this dilemma refuse to give up! We just wish it was less daunty!



  1. Great post Adam, despite the age of this post it still adds so much value. You have stated real problems facing the average Nigerian Job seeker that requires a real life solution.
    We are in the process of launching a website where people pay other people to help them search and apply to their dream job. Please check out the site, we are even building a directory of companies sorted by industries, valid contact and address.

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