“What’s all the fuss about Christmas? Really I don’t get it!”

I was in the kitchen when I heard Sandra grumbling in the living room.

She was in the company of some of her friends who had been in our home for the past two days. My parents were not around but we had all arranged to be in church on the 25th of December, and that’s what everybody was trying to do. Get dressed for the Christmas carol in Church.

I heard Timothy, Lisa and Frida laughing, obviously thinking Sandra was trying to tell her usual jokes. Syndey shrugged and offered a casual explanation “Oh Christmas is about showing love and eating a lot of fooood.” And then she joined the others in a boisterous laugh.

I walked to the living room. Wasn’t even quite sure how to respond to her question as I stared down at her slightly embarrassed she would ridicule the celebration of such a holy season. Why was the group laughing at what Sydney said? Couldn’t anyone offer a much reasonable explanation?

“What do you mean you don’t get it? Are you telling me, after 15 years of your precious life on earth, you can’t tell yourself talk-less a little child why you celebrate Christmas?” I replied.

“Yeah what’s the big deal? I don’t want to go anywhere today. Period. And even If was to change my mind”… She paused and then mumbled “Going to church isn’t my favourite place right now”.

So that was it! Going to church with the group was Sandra’s problem?

The atmosphere in the room had changed. The switch was dramatic. Everyone knew the little altercation was no-longer a “lets-tell–a-happy -joke-moment.” They glanced at us wondering what was agitating Sandra and hoping I would resolve what ever was responsible for her mood swing, at least before we leave for service.

I changed my demeanor, walked towards her and placed my hands on her shoulder. I had to understand her reason for being indifferent.

“Hmm… I have never known you to be this cold. What really is the matter?” I asked.

“Well I think Christmas is another day to pretend you like people you really can’t tolerate. Everybody is going hide behind the smiles, carol songs and gifts. And when that’s done, tomorrow they are back to the mean, selfish and uncaring people that they are. Its exhausting Lucy!”

I smiled lovingly at her. It felt better to know her position on the matter.

“That’s no enough reason not to celebrate the season. You see Christmas means different things to different people. As Christians, we are celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus. That’s something you should never forget. Worry less about what people do, worry more about what you do”.

Sandra looked at Merry-Christmas-Happy-Holidaysme, not quite convinced. It was clear she was having a difficult time getting along with her friends in church, hence her unhappiness. But the look in her eyes helped me know she had gotten the message.

“Alright dear, get dressed. Remember what mummy said about Leadership? She said “DO the things that nobody can. Lead by example. Even if people fake pleasantries, make sure yours in genuine”.

“Ok, Lucy”. She smiled and slowly walked out of the room.

The Church where many families will be at today, is often likened to a hospital with bruised patients. Everyone needs some kind of healing. We can’t all expect perfection but we can look to the perfect God who makes us perfect in him.

Confused? Well try revisiting your life. Are you the person you were 5 years ago? Have you dropped some old unhealthy habits? Have you built relationships that are molding you into the person you want to be?

We are not stagnant. Life isn’t either. If you are looking for Change, you wont find it anywhere else but in your heart. Dig out the clutter that’s buried there.

Have a jolly good DAY 😀


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