Joseph Mojume – Regional Marketing Manager, Mediterranean, North and West Africa Sub-region, Hilti Corporation

 Joseph“My first encounter with LEAP was at the Youth Leadership Programme on campus in 2003 as an undergraduate of the University of Lagos. LEAP was truly an eye and mind opener. At a time when a simple degree was not enough to stand out from the crowd of graduates, LEAP provided me with the essential tools to prepare me for the real world and life. I gradually began to see what it takes to be successful, to stand out from the crowd, to deliver exceptional value to humanity and be of significant impact in the world I live in.

Today I am guided by the teachings of LEAP and I am reminded daily of the values of integrity (the truth has no colour), Leadership (I show by doing it first) and accountability (I take responsibility and liability for my actions). I learned more in the 1 year YLP program than from the 5 years of my undergraduate studies and can boldly say that #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY”


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