Given the absence of documentation and the dearth of literature on Nigeria business history, LEAP embarked on an ambitious project to identify and capture the experiences of pioneering Nigerian organizations that have outlived their founders.

You see, getting research materials can sometimes be difficult.

I remember my university days. I remember how difficult it was for my friends and I to get research materials on projects we had to undertake.

Naively, we thought, “all we have to do is Google key words and Tadah! We’ll get all the information that we need”. But, we were wrong. Either we had very poor researching skills (which I doubt) or “Google” was just not willing to make us happy L.

The right books were hardly available and several times, I found that there were historical narratives that were lost to us. Even now, history remains on the lips of older generations whose experiences; thoughts and ideas are yet to fully come alive on paper or be made available through exceptional media productions for research purposes.

The Internet doesn’t have all the answers. There are some information you won’t find using Google or any search engine for that matter. And until there’s a “universal law” that mandates every book on the planet to be digitized the physical presence of an authentic publication in any field, makes a difference in research. Besides the love for writing and research will not end for some individuals, until they add one or two book publications to their credit.

Have you read, “Defying the Odds: Case Studies Of Nigerian Organizations that have survived generation”

In the book, LEAP profiled a range of organizations, their stories compel readers to understand that people do not usually set up businesses in order to have them fold up after a while. Every business owner aspires to leave a legacy of an enduring and thriving institution that will sustain his or her vision. How do they achieve that?

Beyond the common themes that resonates through the stories, one important lesson is that each company has a different reason for its longevity.

“Defying the Odds” is a book you might want to read if preserving your company’s vision is critical to you in the year 2015. Find out how to make it work



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