LEADERS: Born or Made?

0aa3bb8As we progress in the year 2015, the concept of leadership will be questioned not only in cities and countries, companies and organisations but also in our personal lives. The ability to fulfil personal achievable goals will be dependent on how well we can lead our lives correctly, maintaining the virtues of discipline and loyalty.

The misconception that leaders are leaders alone and followers are mere followers no longer exists.

Matter-of-fact,  we often switch between leader and follower many times in a single day, and success depends just as much on being a great follower as it does on being a great leader.

Here is an excerpt on Leadership by TrainingZone

“Do you believe that leaders are ‘born’ or that they can be ‘made’?

In truth, whatever you believe doesn’t really matter because whether leaders are born or made it is the ongoing journey which is important. Perhaps some people are seen more naturally as leaders than others but what outstanding leaders know is that they are on a journey and that journey will only end when they hang up their title for the last time. In short, leadership is not a right, not a destination and definitely not a gift. Leadership is a commitment to lead, to bring out the best from others and to inspire.

The popular perception may be that leadership is an organisational position but true leaders can sit at any level within an organisation and those who truly aspire to leadership need to develop the technical and personal skills which will enable them to inspire and develop others. Modelling the way, inspiring a shared vision, enabling and empowering others to act are all traits of a great leader and those who can develop skills such as communication, delegation and trust are well on the way towards leadership.

But more than that you can’t be a leader unless and until you step up to the actions and attitudes expected of a great leader on a day to day basis. Leadership isn’t a title it is a role and the greatest leaders are those who speak through their actions, who embed leadership into the framework of the organisation, who empower and enthuse others to take up the challenge.

We start our leadership journey long before we set foot in our own office with ‘boss’ on the door. We should continue our leadership journey throughout life, taking the chance to learn and to develop so that we can truly lead others towards greatness. But learning will only take us so far along the route and no amount of learning will compensate for ‘being the role’; for stepping up to the challenge and leading by example every day.

What does leadership mean to you? How would you explain leadership to a child?

Visit http://www.trainingzone.co.uk/blogs-post/leading-2015/188221 for more on Leadership.


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