BAYO OMOBORIOWO: Multi-Award Winning Photographer and Photo Consultant

“As a photographer, I tell stories with my images and recently ventured in creating a series to celebrate exceptional people contributing to the development of Nigeria.


The series is called “Nigerian Unsung Heroines” . It was recently featured on CNN.

In 2008, I participated in LEAP’s Youth Leadership Programme (YLD) and the lessons remain indelible in my memory. From leadership principles to work ethics, determination and focus, LEAP gave me building blocks to recreate my dreams and take on the world.

Of all the things I learned at LEAP, one word stands out the most: “Integrity”. LEAP taught me to never compromise my values and beliefs. Since YLP, I have maintained high standards as a professional in my field. LEAP has raised young successful, dynamic leaders in all spheres of society, including me , and because of its’ impact on my life, I can truly say #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY”.


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