Q: How and when did you first get involved with LEAP?Utibe headshot med

I knew I wanted to get involved with LEAP the moment I read Ndidi Nwuneli’s story and learned how and why she founded the organization. In the summer of 2013, I leveraged my network, got connected with LEAP, asked for the opportunity to join the team and the rest is history. While at LEAP, I worked on Marketing and Communication initiatives; helping tell LEAP’s story to the world. I learned a lot and had a good time.

Q: How has your participation and engagement with LEAP contributed to your success story? LEAP’s mission resonates very strongly with me. I think that at the core, Nigeria’s problem is a Leadership problem. Our inflection point isn’t hinged on resources, ability or intellect. We have those. What we lack is a mass of people who embody the mindset that entails sacrificial, visionary leadership. If you have spent three minutes in Nigeria, you know that this is a big rock to move, but LEAP Africa is significantly contributing to its movement. My engagement with LEAP Africa has helped me to really get a better understanding of what the gaps are between where we are as a nation and where we could be. I had the opportunity to attend a LEAP workshop in Ogun state and see first-hand how LEAP is transforming mindsets and building change agents; it was pretty phenomenal to witness. This in turn helped me identify what my role is in Nigeria’s Change story. As a Strategy Director, I am enabling processes, businesses and people to realize their potential especially in Developing Economies through transformative power of Financial Services. I am also involved in several efforts geared towards increasing educational and entrepreneurial opportunities in underserved communities globally. LEAP is an incredible organization. I’ll always be a supporter of the organization, its people and its mission. I am proud to say #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY

– Utibe Bassey,Strategy Director, MetLife


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