Welcome to DAY 3 of the 21 laws of Irrefutable Leadership.Napoleon

In this law, John C. Maxwell is simply saying that leadership is not developed just in a day. We don’t wake up one morning and all of a sudden we have leadership expertise running through our veins. Leadership is developed daily. It is developed through our consistent growing, learning, stretching, reading, attempting and perseverance.

You can become a leader by following the process. Becoming a leader is a process that takes time and INVESTMENT. The process entails:

  • learning
  • application
  • adjustment

These three steps are typically followed in the process by growth… followed by more learning, more application, more adjusting and more growing. This process never really ends, it’s a life long journey. Leaders are not born leaders, they followed a process to become leaders.

Do you want to lead?

Are you willing to go through the process to become one who can lead? In this day of instant gratification and microwave mentality, we are faced with a leadership crisis. We promote people into positions of leadership without regard to the LAW of process. Process towards substantive and meaningful leadership is not just a good idea, process is mandatory for the development of productive leadership. Look at your organization, your team or your self, is there a clear and obvious process for the development of leadership?

Maxwell also reminds us that leadership development is an investment. Similarly, you are unlikely to become financially independent in one day but small financial investments over time compound and often result in financial success over long periods.

Some people demonstrate natural leadership ability and grow more rapidly, while others require a focused approach to develop leadership skills. Growing the factors that contribute to leadership ability – character, relationships, knowledge, intuition, experience, and past success – takes time and your focus to develop.

What is leadership development?

Leadership development is more than just learning leadership techniques. You might know all the leadership techniques in the world, but if you don’t know the systems and processes for the task you are completing, then it is still difficult! Leadership capacity coupled with a great understanding of the tasks you are completing, is a powerful combination.

The point of this leadership law, is that to grow to become a great leader, with the right values and qualities, and the right skills, develops over time, and not in a day. There are days, honestly, when you feel like, you will never ‘arrive’ at the place you want to be, though my hunch is that even leaders in their sixties and seventies still have that feeling! Be encouraged to continue to grow and learn, no matter what your age, and no matter what you ‘have achieved’ and what you are dreaming about.


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