RobbingTheTalentCradleA company’s public image plays a crucial role in its ability to attract the right candidates. With the right reputation, potential employees will find you!

Less than a third of human resource executives around the world believe their company has the talent it needs to reach crucial business objectives. Entrepreneurs often speak of the immense challenges they face in hiring and maintaining a qualified and ambitious staff. This publication features leading strategies and tools for identifying and developing a highly skill staff that will bring a business to the next level of success. Encompassing key lessons from LEAP Africa’s Innovative Business Leadership training programme as well as primary research from top companies in Nigeria and across the globe, ATTRACT, MOTIVATE and RETAIN TOP TALENT will enhance the Human Resource strategy of your organisation.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are six chapters from the book:

Chapter 1: Attracting Talent

Chapter 2: Recruiting Talent

Chapter 3: Selecting the Right Talent Chapter

Chapter 4: Talent Management

Chapter 5: Managing Out

Chapter 6: Retaining Talent And If you are wondering how to write an impressive job description.You’ll also find Samples of Job descriptions, Reference Check Form and Performance Evaluation form.

Since 2002, LEAP Africa has been on the frontline of leadership and business development in Nigeria and across the Africa Continent. The LEAP Africa Mini Series, based upon our work with entrepreneurs and in-depth research, consists of reader-friendly publications that will provide business owners with concrete tools and strategies to create enduring institutions.

57 pages is all you have to read! You can take it with you anywhere you go. Purchase this mini series today!

LEAP AFRICA’s Mini- SeriesOur books are available online at For more details on the books, please contact Obiora Omenye via email at; OR call on 01-2706541/2.


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