ANOTHER LEAP Africa’s Mini Series


Investing the time required to properly organise a business will move a company towards becoming an institution. By doing this, business owners will develop the strong foundation required for their company to become an enduring institution that will enjoy continued success beyond their leadership.

Would you like to build a sustainable business? Of course… It’s the goal of every business owner!

The Question though is HOW? How do you build a sustainable business that’s not just EXISTING but RELEVANT?

Business sustainability highly depends on the processes and operations put in place to manage innovation and changes in the business environment.

This publication highlights the importance of establishing and implementing strong systems and structure to enable businesses function efficiently and survive generations!

It seeks to educate companies and entrepreneurs on how to create a business that provides growth, innovation and relevance in a dynamic environment!

While some business management principles are universal, we believe that the challenges of operating within the Nigerian Context require particular attention. Although the series will draw on international best practices, it is grounded on the Nigerian Experience, using relevant examples and tools where possible.

Flip the pages with us as we take you through 7 comprehensive chapters:

1. A Case study for Structures and Systems

2. Structure

3. Systems

4. Accounting Systems

5. Administrative Systems

6. Marketing Systems

7. Operational Systems

Since  2002, LEAP Africa has been on the frontline of leadership and business development in Nigeria and across the Africa Continent. The LEAP Africa Mini Series, based upon our work with entrepreneurs and in-depth research, consists of reader-friendly publications that will provide business owners with concrete tools and strategies to create enduring institutions. 

68 pages is all you have to read! You can take it with you anywhere you go. Purchase this mini series today!

LEAP AFRICA’s Mini- Series: Our books are available online at For more details on the books, please contact Obiora Omenye via email at; OR call on 01-2706541/2.



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