970624fdcddc4b2d130f02566eb95b60Some people are better at making decisions than others. You give them a problem and they give you solutions. They know when something is wrong and they know how to make it right.

Under our breath, we ask questions like “HOW in the world did they know what TO DO? I have been beating myself up trying to figure this stuff out!” and then we marvel…. “WOW!

Quarterbacks often make impressive play calls in the middle of an intense game with little time left on the clock.  What most people don’t realize is that they memorized dozens and dozens of plays for every possible situation before the game; as a result, they can instinctively make the best intuitive call in the heat of the moment.  Because of hard work and preparation they gain a heightened awareness, the answers come with clarity, and intuition is there because they are ready.

Artists see the world with a different eye and know just what colors will bring reality to their work.  Musicians can “jam” with other musicians they just met because they have developed the gifts to intuitively know what sounds will create the common experience they want.

Of all the laws of leadership, the Law of intuition is probably the most difficult to understand. Why? Because it depends on so much more than just the facts. The Law of intuition is based on facts plus instincts and other intangible factors. And the reality is that leadership intuition is often the factor that separates the greatest leaders from the merely good ones.

How Leaders THINK!

Because of their intuition, leaders evaluate everything with a leadership bias. Some people are born with great leadership intuition. Others have to work hard to develop and hone it. But either way it evolves, the result is a combination of natural ability and learned skills. This informed intuition causes leadership issues to jump out.

Intuition helps leaders to become readers of numerous intangibles of leadership.
  1. Leaders are readers of their situations: In all kinds of circumstances, they capture details that elude others.
  2. Leaders are readers of Trends: Everything that happens around us does so in the context of a bigger picture. Leaders have the ability to step back from what’s happening at the moment and see not only where they and their people have gone, but also where they are headed in the future. It is as if they can smell changes in the wind.
  3. Leaders are Readers of their resources: A major Difference between achievers and leaders is the way they see resources. Successful individuals think in terms of what they can do. Successful leaders, on the other hand, see every situation in terms of available resources: Money, raw materials, technology and most important people. They never forget that people are their greatest asset.
  4. Leaders are readers of PEOPLE: Intuitive leaders can sense what’s happening among people and almost instantly know their hopes, fears and concerns.
  5. Leaders are readers of themselves: Good leaders develop the ability to read themselves – their strengths, skills, weaknesses and current state of mind. They recognize the truth of what James Russell Lovell said: “No one can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself”.
  1. Those who Naturally see it: Some people are born with exceptional leadership gifts: They instinctively understand people and know how to move them from point A to Point B. People with natural intuition can build upon it and become world-class leaders of the highest caliber.
  2. Those who Nurtured to See It: Not everyone starts off with great instincts, but whatever abilities people have can be nurtured and developed. The ability to think like a leaders in informed intuition.
  3. Those who will never see it: There are certain people who have failed to develop an interest in leadership nor can they be bothered to develop the skills needed to lead. Those people will never think like anything but followers.

Whenever Leaders find themselves facing a problem, they automatically measure it and begin solving it, using the law of intuition. Leadership is really more art than science. The principles are constant, but the application changes with every leaders and every situation. That’s why it requires intuition. Without it, you can get blindsided and that’s one of the worst think that can happen to a leader.45dad6fe66e8c0c703fc95704ca8961e

If you think you rarely have those moments of clarity, why not develop you leadership intuition? The good news is that your intuition can be developed and increased. If you weren’t born with natural leadership intuition, you can still build it! Like a muscle, you must exercise it and use it in order to strengthen it.

Spend time increasing your areas of strength and expanding your knowledge and see if that ability will not begin to come naturally… 😉


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