- Abiola Afolabi copy
What defines you? Is it wealth, achievement, connections or all of these? For Abiola, her first degree almost defined her capabilities. Having graduated with a third class, distraught and feeling inadequate, she assumed there was nothing more to what she could do to make a living for herself. In an age when it seems jobs are limited and everybody is fighting to put their foot in through the door by producing excellent grades, fine resumes, and generally building an impressive aura, a result like that can be disorienting to begin with. The horror of stepping into the world with a third class degree frightened and weakened her almost to the point of no return.

Read Abiola Afolabi’s life changing story after attending one of LEAP’s programme on this week’s #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY.

“I am Afolabi Abiola Oluwatobi, a graduate of biochemistry from Ekiti State University. I am currently in a fashion school at the same time creating awareness about my brand, B’Lustrious.

I got to know about LEAP through a friend during my NYSC in Abia state in 2012. He had applied for a LEAP Employability Programme in Port-Harcourt and thought it would be good for me to attend as well. He nominated and completed my application and saddled me with the singular task of just finding my way to Port-Harcourt for the programme.

At the time, I was at a crossroad; I didn’t know what direction my life and career was heading. I was depressed and frustrated because I graduated with a third class.

All that changed after my encounter with LEAP. Attending the Employability Programme changed my mindset and the way I viewed life. The sessions were so insightful I began bursting with ideas; excited about possibilities that could transform my life. Nothing else could have been able to elevate my spirit the way the programme did, and I am still thankful.

After the training, I began to plan. LEAP helped me trace my steps back into the past. I know a lot of us run away from our past; in fact
motivational experts will encourage you not to dwell on it. But mine was different – It was from my past I started planning my future. I recalled all the things I loved doing as a child – My flair for writing and designing or creating things out of scrap, as a young girl.

I realized I could have a future in art and started planning on enrolling at a fashion school. So I worked for a while to save up a little and after getting a substantial amount I quit the job and enrolled last year at a fashion school which I will soon be graduating from.

Although I am not yet into the business as a full time fashion designer, I have started making money out of the designs I have made. I even turn down offers most times because I can’t do it all.

I may not have made a big name for myself like Tiffany Amber but I am almost there.

I am proud to say, #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY.

– Abiola Afolabi- Designer, B’Lustrious


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