Do you practice the act of giving without waiting to receiving from whom you have given? This simple act is greater than you think. What you give can be something intangible as your time. Muhammad Awwal Jibril is a fitness/nutrition coach and trainer; a seasoned volunteer with over four years of experience in community service and human capital development.

Muhammed discovered doing community service as a volunteer gave him purpose which led to creation of his own initiative that has helped raise over =N=1, 000, 000 for children in communities within FCT, Abuja. But how does a fitness coach and trainer discover his other passion to give back to society?

Read his story on this week’s LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY.

“During my national youth service, I participated in several community development projects. My passion and enthusiasm for selfless service improved and so I went on to acquire more skills and knowledge in nonprofit work to assist rural communities.

By the end of my service year in 2011, I relocated to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Like all graduates, the need to get a job after the service year is usually the next big step. I found out about an Employability Training that was billed to run from February 28, 2012 to March 5, 2012. I applied. And that was how I discovered LEAP Africa and its transformational community based activities. After then, my interest for community development and humanitarian service exploded.

As a result of my acquaintance with LEAP, I got informed about the activities of Vision for Nigeria Foundation where I volunteered to do community service in rural areas. Later I got an invitation to attend an HIV/AIDS function of Global Youth Coalition against AIDS (GYCA). The zest for public service continued and I came in contact with Afrigrowth Foundation where I became a “mentee” for the Afrigrowth Mentorship Seminar. I also applied for a three months internship program with Afrigrowth Foundation for the “Develop for Development Initiative”.

Somehow, I knew my experiences in community development would enable me to start something of my own. So after coming in contact with a local based initiative Hope Eden Initiative for Rural Development, Kuje in Abuja, I initiated “Hope Eden 2 You” group. My team members and I helped them raise funds of about one million naira along with food/clothes and donations from friends and well-wishers to support the project.

As at today, “Hope-Eden 2 You” is the only locally based group that helps Hope Eden Initiative for Rural Development to raise funds, create public awareness and establish partnership with donors to help support the Hope Eden community school and other developmental projects going on in the foundation.

All these motivation and networking from one NGO to another has been the motivational factor that has enabled me to go on with my activities. My firsthand information point played a huge role in the several successes I have recorded. That was why when I won a book published by LEAP Africa at a forum organized by T.Y Danjuma foundation in October 6, 2013 for the “most engaged participants” during a 2-day forum to help develop the T.Y Danjuma Foundation 2014-2017 strategic plan for community and youth development; I was as delighted as to how my first motivator on nonprofit work kept revolving around my life.

Since then I have constantly been in touch with LEAP Africa on its social media platforms because I am always keen to find out about its latest activities and the impact their work is making in various communities around Africa. Thanks to Mr. Oje Ivagba, Mr. Francis and all the LEAP Africa team for their effort during the one-week experience that encouraged my aspirations.

I’m neither a success because of the material things I have acquired nor my position in my society but because of the impacts and contributions I have made to the community I have worked in. It’s always a great joy to help people attain sustainable development.

If you change your perspective, you can change the world. Indeed LEAP IS PART OF MY STORY. For I know the greatest drive to doing, is motivation and mentoring, and LEAP Africa has been all that to me.”

Muhammad Awwal Jibril, Fitness/nutrition Coach and Trainer


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