One more day to go and we’ll be through with the 21 laws of leadership. It’s almost as though we should start all over again!!

Well, for today, any leader who practices the Law of Explosive Growth makes the shift from follower’s math to what John Maxwell calls leader’s math. Here’s how it works:

Leaders who develop followers grow their organization only one person at a time. But leaders who develop leaders multiply their growth, because for every leader they develop, they also receive all of that leader’s followers. Add ten followers to your organization, and you have the power of ten people. Add ten leaders to your organization, and you have the power of ten leaders times all the followers and leaders they influence. That’s the difference between addition and multiplication. It’s like growing your organization by teams instead of by individuals. The better the leaders you develop, the greater the quality and quantity of followers.

To go to the highest level, you have to develop leaders of leaders.

Dale Gallowa asserts, “ Some leaders want to make followers. I want to make leaders. Not only do I want to make leaders, but I want to make leaders of leaders. And then leaders of leaders of leaders”.

Once you are able to follow that pattern, there is almost no limit to the growth of your organization. That’s why to add growth, lead followers, but to multiply growth, lead leaders. That’s the Law of Explosive Growth.

Becoming a leader who develops leaders requires an entirely different focus and attitude from those of a developer of followers. Consider some of the differences:

Need to be needed Want to be succeeded
Focus on weaknesses Focus on strengths
Develop the bottom 20 percent Develop the top 20 percent
Treat their people the same for “fairness” Treat their leaders as individuals for impact
Hoard power Give power away
Spend time with others Invest time in others
Grow by addition Grow by multiplication
Impact only people they touch personally Impact people far beyond their own reach

Developing leaders is difficult because potential leaders are harder to find and attract. They’re also harder to hold on to once you find them because unlike followers, they are energetic and entrepreneurial, and they tend to want to go their own way. Developing leaders is also hard work. Leadership development isn’t an add-water-and-stir proposition. It takes time, energy, and resources.


You will go to the highest level only if you begin developing leaders instead of followers. Leaders who develop leaders experience an incredible multiplication effect in the organizations that can be achieved in no other way – by increasing resources, reducing costs, increasing profit margins, analyzing systems, implementing quality management procedures, or doing anything else.

So…Grow Some Leaders Today!


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