Abdlrazaq Ayodeji Shittu

I am currently taking a doctorate degree from Walden University in Information Technology to compliment my career in Telecoms and Information Technology Terrain. Presently, the industry is tilting towards network function virtualization (NFV) and software defined network (SDN). It is important for me and my company to be ready for this prosperous change. One of the things that can ruin an entrepreneur is if you do not move with change in both technology and global business modus operandi.

With over 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, I realized early I needed to be vibrant, innovative, follow my vision and create an organization that will outlive me. Although starting out, my journey with Intertel was tough at the beginning but armed with a track record of success at my former job and strong will; I was determined to lead a successful business.

Nominated by my bankers – First Bank of Nigeria (FBN), I attended LEAP’s Business Leadership Programme (BLP) in 2011. It turned out to be a practical training with experienced and well-selected facilitators, who provided facts, hard empirical knowledge of the business world and the curriculum included relevant and inspiring case studies. Some of the best practices (transparency and integrity) highlighted at the BLP were already in place at Intertel Nigeria Limited, which I maintain till today. However, putting into perspective how the BLP impacted my business, I identified gaps in the way I run my company such as lack of corporate governance; succession plan for business sustainability and poor financial management system.

In the following months, I set out resolving these gaps. From the training I understood how important having the right talent relates to growth and success for any business; subsequently I hired skilled talent (chartered accountant) to manage the company’s finance. Additionally I set up a board, gave ownership of the business to staff by selling shares of the company to them; drew up my retirement plan and instituted other systems in place to ensure that the company is running long after my involvement and my successor’s.

Beyond identifying and managing these issues in my business, the BLP helped me forge new business relationships and broaden my network of entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneurs Organization where I served 3 years as a champion and its President.

Today, I run another business Skysite Offshore Access (West Africa) Limited; an offshore assets integrity management company with my partner Vincent Brown Molokwu, who brought the Entrepreneurs’ Organization to Nigeria in 2011. Intertel Nigeria Limited is functioning under the leadership of its Operations Head and other departmental heads who interacts and take decision-using BASECAMP, while I am focused on sustaining the SMaC to drive and sustain innovation in the business.

Despite being a high networth individual, my motivation and encouragements to keep moving still comes from my wife; Mrs. Adunola Shittu and my children.

Abdlrazaq Ayodeji Shittu, Group CEO, Intertel and Co -Founder Skysite Offshore Access (West Africa) Limited 


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