I’d say we live in an era where people rarely care how their actions or inactions affect the common good. Even more, a lot of young people cannot clearly articulate their personal values hence the inexcusable values crisis we have amongst young people today.

My name is Kolawole Osinowo. I currently perform as Business Lead for Microsoft Mobile Devices Group – Ghana. Before this role, I had worked with Nokia since 2006 in various roles and functions and was recognized in 2012 as top talent in Africa.

My first contact with LEAP Africa was in 2005 when I applied for the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) and joined the programme as part of the “LEAP ALLSTARS” Team in Lagos.

This was a turning point in my leadership journey both personally and professionally. YLP was intense, thought provoking and fun.

One of the most remarkable decisions I made at the YLP was to write my personal mission statement and the core values that have formed the choices I have made since then. The defining moment was my participation at the Integrity Institute where I was able to critically challenge these personal values and realistically define my personal code of ethics. Since 2005, the skills and knowledge gained from that programme, have formed the bedrock on which I evaluate my leadership principles, irrespective of where I am.

I am always grateful to LEAP for the opportunity to have worked with Nokia. I probably would not have had that break had I not been encouraged to send my CV for the job opening at the time. Mercifully, I went through the rigorous selection process unfazed…eight years after I am here today and doing very well!

I can proudly say that #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY


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