Social media has become increasingly mainstream. The focus on utilizing such networks as Twitter and Facebook for sending and receiving information has virtually exploded. With the millions of apps, websites and other platforms for people to communicate through media that are all over the Internet these days, this is truly the age of social media.
This week on #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY, we share the journey of a young female journalist whose life changed because she understood the value of maximizing new digital platforms to attend a free LEAP training!

web1I was at home surfing the internet in 2012, when I came across a tweet on twitter for an Employability Programme in Port Harcourt. I was elated and hurriedly registered for the programme. That day marked the beginning of an enduring relationship with LEAP right after my service year.

As a graduate just coming out of NYSC, it was a rare privilege to have participated in the intensive training as it positively changed my perception of the world, my career and the daunting employment challenges in Nigeria. I got a new orientation on how to explore the market and sell “an ice to the eskimos”. To be precise, my curriculum vitae took a new look after the programme and over time I experienced more interviews and tests like never before.

Eventually, I started work as a volunteer with an NGO – the company enhanced the right skills for community services and opened my eyes to numerous opportunities. Although I don’t have a background in ICT, I had cultivated a passion for Information technology, which somehow prompted me to learn the rudiments of what it takes to be a trainer. So the session on developing entrepreneurial skills was quite apt and timely as it galvanized me to set up a private IT training school that has continued to serve as another source of income for my daily expenses. No doubt, over the years, I have acquired knowledge through unlimited resource materials and a plethora of experiences that have shaped my development. All these have helped me retain my job as a professional and a trained eye for recognizing great opportunities. LEAP has contributed a great deal towards my success today and I am happy, proud and privileged to have met with #LEAPAFRICA.

Ejibendu Amaka Blessing, Journalist, Inside Eleme Newspaper. Personal IT trainer.


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