If you want to change roles or get ahead in your career, it’s important that you know how to identify and pursue opportunities that are a good match for your career.
From sitting and waiting for hours at random cyber cafes to occupying a prestigious ambassadorial seat in the United Kingdom…. Find out how Kada Lawrence switched roles in this week’s edition of ‪#‎LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY‬!

Hours ran into days spent in cyber cafes seeking opportunities until one day I came across an online article written by Jen Ehidiamen. In it were details of LEAP’s Values and Leadership Skills Programme (VLSP) which was to be funded through the support of the UK Government. Instinctively, I knew this was an opportunity I could not miss and so I applied.This was in 2011.

My brief statement required as reason for applying began with the following words: “I grew up with a curious edge in me and a disdain for certain situations that were not ideal to society’s growth and development. I have however, come to understand that achieving the ideal I would long to see must be first and foremost the prerogative of my actions because there lies the correspondence between knowledge and its practical application.”

After days of intensive training and practical sessions led by Oje Ivagba in Abuja, I and many other likeminded youths were certified as individuals who would lead change but the lessons learnt have been the core of my guiding principles in construction management, community volunteerism and several other areas where I have worked.

I am today, for the second year running, alongside my pursuit of an MSc, the North West Youth Ambassador for ONE in the United Kingdom. Leadership is more than a position, but counts more on one’s ability to influence others to take action on issues that will positively impact the world. The realisation of this, looking through the prism of LEAP’s influence has helped me in the campaigns and advocacy we lead at ONE. I understand that each undertaking and drive at self-improvement is a vital building block to achieving my desired goals.

In my application in 2011, I stated that I was writing a biography of the late Homun Ngbale Ali (Basayofe, Ragobulla) who was Hama Bachama from September 1941 to December 1967. His exemplary leadership and the tolerance he promoted during his reign are key lessons which the book projects. I have now completed the book thanks to the support of LEAP Africa in according me the opportunity to horn my leadership skills. The future is smiling and I am proud to say that #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY.

 Kada Lawrence NGBALE – ONE Youth Ambassador


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