Stephen Adebisi CSR Consultant, Kasher Consulting Ltd

When I joined LEAP in 2012, a new phase opened in my life on the very first day at work. It became clear to me that being a professional is different from just showing up at work and this belief was reinforced.

I have always had a passion for development work, even as a young boy. The opportunity to channel this attraction came right after NYSC when an organization I had volunteered with for a cumulative period of four years called me to take up the role of a programme assistant. I was thrilled and took up the job. This role strengthened my resolve to commit to something utterly bigger than myself and I certain I was going to build a career in this line of work.

2 years later, I got another offer, which tilted towards children, and development however, with this job, I didn’t get any satisfaction, irrespective of the fact that it came with a bigger pay. I resigned from the role after three months and stayed at home.

Sometimes in September 2012, I expressed my frustration on social media about being out of work for some months and a friend mentioned that there was vacancy at LEAP Africa. I had read and heard about LEAP from my first job as some of my senior colleagues had attended some workshops and trainings organized by LEAP where Mrs Ndidi Nwuneli had facilitated. I applied and got the interview and consequently got the job.

A new phase opened in my life on the very first day at work. It became clear to me that being a professional is different from just showing up at work and this belief was reinforced when I joined LEAP in 2012. My work life took a new turn immediately after. I remember reading aloud for the first time the acronym LEAP and thinking deeply about what each letter represents – Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism.  It was truly an awe-inspiring moment.

Being at LEAP, working with other professionals, learning and growing was phenomenal. I learned confidence, networking, collaboration and teamwork. The attention to detail was exceptional! I remember feeling inadequate when an article I had written and read over like five times got immediate comments from one glance about lapses. However, today I am better for it. I am much more confident now, I can hold conversations at any level and with any class of people. I enjoyed support from my direct supervisor and other colleagues and most of all from the executive management team.

The most exciting part of it was that my personal life experienced a mega transformation.

At LEAP, I was encouraged to develop my music skills. Several opportunities opened up for me to develop my vocal capabilities at major events hosted by the organization. I remember performing at the send-forth for Mr. Martin Woolnough, the past MD of Nestle Nigeria, and that was a really big deal for me.

The wholistic approach at development at LEAP has made me better. From being a communication support officer, I am now a CSR consultant because #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY.


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