I grew up in an environment where the norm was rarely questioned and family and friends go for what was available rather than the best. As I gained more knowledge and exposure, there has never been any ban on me dreaming big, reaching out for what I wanted and moving out of my comfort zone.

I presently work as the official blogger and Social Media Strategist for a notable Online Company. Before this, I worked as a Project Manager for a Clothing line and I had done some freelance jobs for other firms.

Whilst in my 300 level, a very good friend of mine introduced me to volunteering for the LEC Programme organized by LEAP AFRICA, which was holding in some secondary schools then. This was my first interaction with LEAP Africa. To be honest, volunteering wasn’t that easy and rosy but it was worthwhile – especially after the change projects I initiated won an award. This experience fostered the boldness and courage to coordinate better projects afterwards which had community impacts and good testimonies.

My second major experience with LEAP came when I had an opportunity to participate, not volunteer, at the SNEPCO Youth Employability Programme which held during the long ASUU strike. It was really intense, insightful, interactive and challenging. The resources were timely and exceptional. What really jumped at me were the core values constantly emphasized. Values such as Originality, Integrity, and Diligence were my main take from the employability training.

LEAP AFRICA has expanded my mind and my ability to do more. With the network of young people I have met and the unbelievable ideas I have been exposed to, I am constantly fired up. I got challenged to work on my strengths and build up the necessary skill for jobs I was passionate about. Eventually I secured a job with an online company. And from the defining moments at the training, I got motivated to leverage on speaking engagements and interactive forums to prefer solutions to the vacuum of values in the society. I also wrote a few blog posts and exploited the social media space. I couldn’t have done all of these without the impact of LEAP AFRICA’s Trainings, events and volunteering opportunities.

I doff my hat for Mrs Ndidi and the Leap Staff for taking up the responsibility to solve the biggest problem in Africa – Leadership and Values. I do all to imbibe these values and with ease I gain more referrals and quality associations per time. I am proud to say #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY and this success story is evolving as I am aiming for the stars.


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