Ikenna2“Driven, passionate and hardworking”. These are three of the best words that essentially describe who I am. My name is Ikenna Anyadike and I am a realtor at Immanuel Lawrence Limited.

LEAP handled a training in 2013  and l was among the four representatives from The Remnants Fellowship that attended the training. Ever since my mind-set on making a change in my environment has been different. In essence, LEAP made me realize I do not have to wait to become that “wealthy guy” or mount a particular position to make the change I want to see.

I worked as a volunteer with secondary school students through the Youth Development Training Programme (YDTP). This period was transformational as I learned to develop certain values that have completely redesigned my life. These values are godliness, justice, excellence, uniqueness, good relationships and positioning family at the fore of my life. Although my parents had raised me well, the opportunity to identify these principles for myself came while undergoing the YDTP training.

Sincerely, my experience as a trainer cannot fully be captured in words. It opened my eyes to the way people think about Nigeria and the social cultural differences. It drew my attention to the fact that not all students have equal understanding of the education system. It also made me realize my strengths and weaknesses, giving me the opportunity to develop my strengths. Simultaneously, I earned the time to master what I was facilitating and more importantly, apply it to my day-to-day activities. The training I received as a trainer developed my public speaking abilities. I have also developed myself in giving crucial and beneficial feedback with corresponding solutions to go with it.

When I later become a supervisor, being an experienced volunteer, I discovered that offsetting a change or being in a leadership position requires an uncanny dexterity to convince and carry the people you are leading along. The reverse can lead to a waste of time and effort.

LEAP Africa’s YDTP curriculum is quite informative. It gives room for teachers or facilitators to be creative and think outside the box. Personally it has helped me to provide solutions to problems rather than focusing or complaining about them. For example, there were days when I was faced with challenges that required the easiest solutions; one of such days was an accident that occurred at a fuel station that resulted into an unnecessary traffic on the road. Rather than seek redress, the two car owners involved in the accident began arguing over who was more at fault for the collision. Understanding the fact that leadership is an act not an art, I stepped into the scene and quelled the squabble. Within minutes, the traffic gridlock was cleared allowing other cars to stop and buy fuel at the fuelling station.

A while ago, I got involved in different causes without having the right vision or strategy on how I was going to attain my goals. However, LEAP has helped me to direct my drive, energy and passion by helping me focus my vision through the setting of GOALS and backing them with Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound plans that are carried out by Action.

Working as a volunteer has been enlightening because I realised that I am not the problem in my community but the solution to the numerous challenges we encounter on a daily basis. If anything, I want to be the change I want to see, and that’s a statement I constantly remind myself of because it underscores my attitude to life.  Thank you #LEAPAfrica!


One thought on “#LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY Week 16: Ikenna Anyadike

  1. Please how I can be a volunteer?. I want to volunteer in the youth leadership aspect. Please can anyone help me cos the site is just redirecting me to the same place without any information


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