#LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY WEEK 19: Samuel Orji, HRCI/SHRM Certified Human Resource Professional

Samuel Orji, HRCI/SHRM Certified Human Resource Professional
I have received, learned and grown so much in the last six years of my life, I find no better cause than to truly impact lives with the teachings offered to me unreservedly.

I got involved with LEAP Africa in 2009. A senior friend of mine who is also a Human Resource practitioner enrolled me for the Employability Programme, which happened to be the last for that year at LEAP.

At the programme, I was exposed to skills needed in securing and thriving on a job, but more importantly, I was inspired to discover myself, pursue my passions and believe in our nation’s possibilities and potentials of becoming great. My contact with the organisation and its managerial team sparked a new passion in me for a better Nigeria and my role, as a citizen, in contributing to its development.

Besides acknowledging and resolving to observe my patriotic duties, I learned to write and present my resume in a way that my documents instantly stand out in the eye of a prospective employer. I understood the importance of having the right value system and the salient soft skills required for me perform exceptionally well on the job.

Thanks to the coordinators, Oje and Laolu, the programme was never theoretical but lively, practical and hands-on with an abundance of life and career lessons to glean from, making the entire learning experience worthwhile.

Shortly after the training, I got my very first job in a consulting firm. The successes I enjoyed during the recruitment process and on the job came as a result of the exposure I gained from the employability programme. I often received commendations from my managers for my work ethic and ability to adapt very quickly with the work terrain and demands.

I am currently on my third job since the training, and still I am tremendously convinced that the knowledge gained from LEAP has favoured me with the opportunities and results I enjoy today.

As a receiver, I currently inspire young people at the slightest opportunity I get; coaching them, listening to their challenges and grooming them to uphold good values and pursue their passions. I look forward to embarking on empowerment projects that will enrich and teach a larger number of young people the life skills I have incorporated, which have made me better than who I was six years ago. #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY.

Have you got an interesting story to tell? Email us today – info@leapafrica.org


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