Akwugo E. Nnama; Energy Efficiency Consultant

I attended the Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) during my final year of high school at Corona Agbara, Lagos state. YLP’s unique focus on community development really resonated with me. I was challenged and motivated to think outside the box, to help develop every community I am a part of.

As a LEAP Alumna, I understand and have experienced the mission and vision of the program; to develop African leaders who are ethical, innovative, proactive and smart!

After Corona, I went on to Dartmouth College in the U.S. At Dartmouth, I studied Chemical Engineering and International Studies. I served as a Deans Office Student Consultant and as an Undergraduate Adviser, who advised 25 first-year students and facilitated discussions on academic, social and personal situations. In my final year, I completed an Engineering Honors Thesis titled, “Rural Electrification In Nigeria: Solar Home Systems (SHS) As A Potential Solution”.  Although I was elated about all these accomplishments, my most rewarding achievement, was receiving a name engraved Dean’s plate for outstanding contributions to the Dartmouth community. I currently work at Navigant Consulting, as an Energy Efficiency Consultant.

Recently, I was going through some old documents and stumbled upon my college essay. It’s no surprise that my essay was on corruption and poverty in Africa; two paramount issues we discussed extensively during LEAP’s YLP. At the programme, we were asked thought-provoking questions about potential solutions to these two challenges. I believe universal access to electricity is a step in the right direction towards poverty alleviation. Achieving ubiquitous access to electricity will lead to social development, which will then improve the quality of lives.

Finally, I’m grateful to God and my loving family, who have played a major role in my success. My role model, my late father always believed in me and my abilities. He always said that whatever I do, should be for the greater good and not for riches. Our shared belief, in his own words, is that “The African diaspora must use their wealth of knowledge and experience to develop the continent.” As I strive to fulfill this mission, it is an honour to work with LEAP Africa to ensure that African youth are empowered and equipped to become great future leaders, who will take the continent to new heights.

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One thought on “#LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY Week 21: Akwugo E. Nnama

  1. Proud of my baby sis. We are waiting for you to return to Nigeria, so you can become part of the story of her genuine change and bright future.


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