Radio Host and National Director, The Ambassadors Youth Empowerment Initiative

My name is Prince Joshua Oyeniyi. I am a 2015 Global Award-winning media entrepreneur and host of Lagos’ Fast-rising Radio talk show, “The Ambassadors Radio Show” on UnilagFM, inspiring and grooming over two million listeners every week. I am also the founder and National Director of The Ambassadors Youth Empowerment Initiative, a social enterprise committed to reducing youth unemployment, encouraging entrepreneurship, inspiring and motivating youths to succeed.

I had always admired LEAP from a distance until I had an opportunity to support implementation plans for the Social Innovators Programme and Awards (SIPA), which held in 2014 at City Hall, Lagos. I attended the SIPA and was very challenged by the awesome things being done by young people in Nigeria.

I also attended the LEAP Citi Employability Programme in early 2015. These programmes shaped my ideas and spurred my decision to go the extra mile and make a difference with the social impact work I do on radio. This effort, in no distant time, started winning me a streak of awards and recognitions from global organizations, including a tour of four states in the United States, as the only representative of Nigeria at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Finals in Washington DC in April, 2015. I also was exclusively featured on the Voice of America Television global broadcast and on World Howard University Radio.

However, it hasn’t always been a smooth sail. I was born in Ajegunle, Lagos, lost my taxi-driver father at age 15 and as the first and only son of a family of six, I had to work extra hard to help my mother. I hawked Moin-moin (baked beans) and sold tomatoes to survive. I almost gave up on life but for inspiration from a friend.

In spite of all, I was awarded the best student in secondary school and successfully got an admission to study Mathematics at the University of Lagos in 2007. I am an alumnus of Jolley University Washington; pro-alumnus of The Business School Netherlands and the University of Lagos, Akoka.

Although I am the founder and host of the ambassadors radio show, I thank God I was able to surmount the various challenging circumstances surrounding my development. Through radio, I have been able to connect with and interview very distinguished personalities, using their success stories to inspire millions of Nigerians.

Today, I am a winner of several awards, a commonwealth country correspondent and a published writer in several top Nigerian newspapers. I am also privileged to have spoken to over 100,000 people across countries and continents since I launched my brand. As the convener of the Ambassadors summit in Lagos, its debut had about a thousand youths from across the country who were inspired by stories of celebrated Nigerians. Young people got jobs, internships and seed capital for their young businesses. My PR registered business brand, “Amborion Media Global Enterprises” provides specialized public relations services, advertising and publishing at competitive prices underlined by the mark of excellence.

Before now I had intended to send an email to the management of LEAP Africa to inform them about how coming in contact with the organization and its activities has shaped my life till date.

As a go – getter, my dream is to transform the African continent through the media by building a media conglomerate like the CNN and BBC, provide thousands of jobs to Africans and cause a positive revolution in society. I believe my purpose is to speak, write and project people to success!


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