Musa Abduljelil Harry, Electrical Engineering Student

I am the last child of six from Mr. and Mrs. Musa Paul Audu. My name is Musa Abduljelil Harry and I have a passion for Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T), Computer Networking/Web design packages and empowering youths in Africa.

My first engagement with the LEAP was during my secondary school days at the Lagos State Senior Model College, Badore Ajah Lagos state, Nigeria. The content and training techniques of the facilitators teaching the Youth Development Training Programme (YDTP) were so compelling, it encouraged me to believe in myself and become more self-aware of who I was and who I wanted to become in future.

It was indeed a life changing experiences because I also began to think purposefully about creating value, rather than depending on what my country could do for me.

In 2010, I was an active member of the group that designed and constructed a non-conventional home use generator tagged “The Badorator” at the Lagos State Senior Model College, Badore Ajah Lagos state, Nigeria. During my National Diploma Degree program, I began a free ICT tutorial class, which my colleagues at school benefitted massively from, while earlier this year, I accomplished my first sole project titled “The Electronic Teaching Aid Board (ETAB) at the Federal Polytechnic, Idah Kogi State, Nigeria. I made the prototype in 2014 and it was tested ok! It became the best project in my set and is currently used at the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering–computer Laboratory for practical classes on the course Computer Hardware I “Computer Motherboard”. The ETAB is a pedagogical electronic teaching device that is interactive and user friendly as a result of its special design features.

In school, I volunteered for associations that were in line with my interests such as Boy Scouts of Nigeria (BSN), Junior Engineers Technicians and Scientists (JETS Club of Nigeria), Society of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Students (SEEES), National Association of Polytechnic Engineering Students (NAPES) etc, holding various leadership positions which helped me to explore my capabilities and expand my horizons.

Every day, I take a step towards my dreams because I believe the journey of a thousand miles equally starts with a step forward. So, I constantly find ways to creatively correct the challenges in my society by consciously influencing the people I come across because, one of my endearing value is contribution. LEAP inspires me to be the change I want to see in the world and that’s why I can’t deny the fact that #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY.

Have you got an interesting story to tell, send an email to today! We’ll love to hear from you. 


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