Ganiyu Fashigiggs Fashola, Founder and Project Manager of Fashigiggs Concept International Ltd

I am best described as adventurous and inquisitive because I believe in friendship, networking, development and making a lasting impact in the lives of people.

My name is Ganiyu Fashola and I am the fifth of six children of Alhaji and Alhaja Fashola, born in the city of Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos. While growing up, I was sometimes seen as the black sheep in the family, but my zealousness for pursuing whatever I believe in kept me going.

During my secondary school days I joined different voluntary organizations like the Nigerian Red Cross and Man O’ War Association of Nigeria and as a member of these organizations I realized how passionate I was for Development. Even back at home in my community I had contributed to different social works leading to community development. As a result, my activities, were seen by some and it led to my nomination back in 2007 to take part in the Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) organized by Leap Africa. Till date I don’t really know who nominated me for that programme, but I am forever grateful for the nomination.

Attending the YLP enhanced my knowledge about leadership and career development. I still remember my class “CYCLE DE CLASSIQUE”. It was an amazing combination of young men and women from different parts of the country, who always had something positive to contribute. One of the key points among others I took was moral ethics in leadership. After my YLP training my perspective about life, leadership and even Nigeria changed for the better.

Today, I can proudly say everything I have become and will be in the future is as a result of LEAP! #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY and will always be a part.

Ganiyu Fashigiggs Fashola is a Social Entrepreneur, Politician, ICT Expert, Personal Assistant and Realtor; He is the founder and Project Manager of Fashigiggs Concept International Ltd; an ICT, Management and Real Estate company.

Have you got an interesting story to share? Send an email to info@leapafrica.org today. We’ll love to hear from you.


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