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Omoyele, Isaac Success, is reducing the number of children that are out of school and facilitating access to psychological support. 

Education is a fundamental right. It is one of the most basic ways people can achieve wellbeing. It lifts lifetime earnings as well as how much a person can engage with and contribute to society.

Omoyele Isaac Success was among 20 social entrepreneurs at LEAP Africa’s Social Innovators Awards, 2015. He graduated with the 2014 class of SIP Fellows after a one year intensive training with LEAP Africa. His initiative “Dreams From The Slum” is breaking the barriers to quality education in communities across Nigeria.

I am OMOYELE Isaac Success. It is my conviction that if you build children, you are building generations.

I grew up in Ajegunle City of Lagos State. As a child, I dropped out of school knowing how it felt not to have basic school supplies. This experience affected me greatly that I became an introvert with a very low self-esteem.

In the year 2010, my experiences as a child became the burden that triggered my passion to provide quality education for children living in the same community (Ajegunle). I was driven to promote quality education by sending out of school children back to school and facilitating psychological support for kids with special needs. I also worked to improve the health and nutrition of each child.

In 2013, I started the Reachout22 Project for vulnerable children, Now ‘Dreams from the Slum’, reaching out to 22 vulnerable children in Ajegunle with 22 values I taught them to live by before they turn 22. This was a mentorship scheme I initiated together with a weekend remedial class.

Within 6months of inception, the beneficiaries of the project moved from the initial 22 kids to 150 and within a year we had 630 under privileged children as our beneficiaries.

As the numbers increased, I realized I needed the capacity to take this venture to greater heights. This inspired me to apply in 2014 for the Social Innovators Programme and Awards (SIPA), offered by LEAP Africa.

Before I got shortlisted for the SIPA, I had no definite structure and sustainability plan for running my start-up. However, during the fellowship year, things changed. I learned system thinking which taught us not to isolate the individual part of a problem but to see it in a larger context.

My team and I therefore embarked on a skills acquisition scheme for the parents of our beneficiaries and a support scheme for their businesses in order to help them cater for their children. Soon we developed a structure and a working sustainability plan.

I have been able to build a strong team and our work has grown beyond Araromi Community in Ajegunle. We are reaching the slums in Warri, Abuja, Accra/Ghana and in January 2016 we’ll commence work fully in Gambia and Tanzania.

The end of SIPA2015 was humbling for me. Passion is never enough; training makes the difference to your passion.


Did you attend the Social Innovators Awards in Abuja? Give us your feedback about your experience.


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