DANIEL AJUMOBI, Entrepreneur/ IT and Social Media Strategist at Heal The World Mission Inc

I am DANIEL AJUMOBI, a capacity building catalyst – a strategic speaker and an entrepreneur who understands and stimulates human potential, utilizing energetic speaking techniques and emerging insights to inspire and channel individuals, institutions and nations to new levels of achievement.

Growing up for me wasn’t particularly extraordinary, as the largest parts of my days were spent hawking all sorts of items. As early as I could remember, I grew up on the street in the harsh arms of abject poverty. I had no nursery school education and also no formal education beyond secondary school.

But with a dream and determination, I initiated and continued a process of unending self-education which has distinguished me as an authority on human potential and capacity development.

I started Community Development Catalyst (CDC) with “My CAP” Initiative (My Community Action Project). The initiative was inspired by the rate at which young people wondered around aimlessly without direction within my community. The level at which skills and potentials were being wasted grieved me greatly that I decided to go into the street to start a talent survey which gave birth to Nuud Network.

As a social entrepreneur, I featured on Dragons Den Business Reality TV Show, Nigeria in 2008 with my business initiative Jumoby Fruities. And today, I serve as an IT and Social Media Strategist at Heal The World Mission Inc (NGO); Created NoizMakaz.com and function as the Chief Innovation Officer; the CEO of a community base e-commerce OjaOta.com and a TechHub e-commerce Jumoby.com and the President of Daniel Ajumobi International and Convener of The WAY Africa – War Against Youth-unemployment in Africa.

In the year 2011, a friend told me about LEAP Africa’s “Training of Teachers, (ToT)” under the Youth Development Training Programme, and it totally got my attention. That I would be trained and then released to go out and train more other people sounded interesting to me because I realized my entire life and the results I commanded were factored by personal development.

Unfortunately I could not make the program, but the effect of that was I became addicted with LEAP’s website; always seeking information for the next event. I went as far as signing up for newsletter so that I could be updated about its programmes and activities. Through this communication, I received an array of opportunities for further development until eventually, I heard about the Social Innovators Program and Awards (SIPA) 2013.

My passion to learn and my hunger to achieve greatness in myself and others forced me through the application process. In the end, I was  one of those selected to participate in the programme (oh happy day!).

The SIPA made it possible for me to learn the true meaning of leadership; what it means to be a leader and how to lead successfully. I learned why it’s important to create long term value and the secrets behind receiving support and resources for my initiatives. All these I could gather, because of my passion to rescue my generation from servitude and a vision to engage and enrich youth, by building a network of one million proactive young people.

And #LEAP has been part of my story thus far.

Have you got an interesting story to share? Send an email to info@leapafrica.org. 

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