Slide2.jpgFive Easy Steps To Participate in LEAP Africa’s Career Corner Speakers Series on Google+

To join the conversation on Google+ please follow the steps below:

1. You will need a gmail account, a webcam (usually preinstalled on any laptop) and good internet connection.

2. You will also need a cheap headset; just the two little earbuds and wire that plug into your smart phone or music player are fine. Your computer will pick up your audio but if you don’t have the headset plugged into the audio jack, the feedback makes the sound unbearable to the audience, even though it will sound fine to you and me.

3. You won’t be able to see the Google Hangout invitation from LEAP, unless you have LEAP Africa in your Google circles, so before the show first create a gmail account, download “Hangout” on google+ and then go to LEAP Africa’s page. Click! to follow us.

4. You should also, in that same drop down menu, put us in a “circle” because at the time of the invite it will say that we have to be in one of your circles, so doing it now will save a step right before the show.

5. Make sure you are on standby 15 minutes before the hangout starts, so that you can receive an invitation from us to enter the chat room and participate.

We will be speaking with Mrs. Ngozi Princewill Utchay on Thursday, January 28 2016.

Read her bio here.

LET’S TALK CAREER… Make it a date!


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