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Have you ever wondered what your kids do during the holiday? How they spend their time; what places they visit, company they keep, books and movies they watch, how many times they leave the house or stay locked in, dieting or eating healthy, what new ideas they latch on to that overwhelms them or skills they develop?

Really how well do you know your child, even when schools are in session?

If you have answers to at least 80% of these questions, then you deserve a star! If you don’t, then it’s probably time to get more involved in your child’s development.

At LEAP we believe it crucial that children possess the right qualities they need to be ready for success both in and outside their classrooms. The best way to show interest in your child’s development is to guide them, invest in them and step-by-step, build a kind of character that cannot be challenged anywhere.

In a digital age where life seems easy to traverse, we have the prerogative as adults to help each child to discover who they are and what they were built for. We can point them to people, trainings, friends, books, etc that will support them. But without the right influential factors abounding, it’s easy for your child to miss the mark.

LEAD THE WAY is here again and this year we are taking it a notch higher!IMG-20150723-WA059IMG-20150723-WA054IMG-20150725-WA005

Led by our team of brilliant Programme Coordinators and external facilitators, we have built a number of engaging, interactive sessions to expose young people to ideas and concepts they can’t get elsewhere. We want your child, through self-discovery to be exceptional, to be the leading light he/she was born to be.

Sign your children up for the Easter holiday programme and they will thank you later!

And if you are within the age 13- 18, encourage your parents to get you registered.  Beyond the training, the programme is an exciting opportunity to form lasting relationships with new friends, think creatively, collaborate to develop social impact projects and utilise the power of social media to let your voice be heard.

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