In the 1925, U.S. Open famed golfer Bobby Jones pulled a one iron out of his bag and addressed the ball. As he set up to hit out of the rough grass, his ball moved ever so slightly, a motion that calls for a stroke penalty. He was the only one who saw it; and yet, he called the penalty on himself. The penalty eventually cost him the championship. When people tried to congratulate  him on his sportsmanship, Jones replied, “That’s like congratulating someone for not robbing a bank.”

Bobby Jones personified the saying, “Character is what you do when no one else is looking.” Men of integrity value what is honest, true, noble, trustworthy, kind, and right, ahead of personal gain. When it is firmly embedded in our foundation, integrity ceases to be optional but instead becomes a way of life.

LEAP Africa on Wednesday, March 09 2016,  launched the e-Integrity course.

Adapted from the LEAP Africa Integrity Institute, the e-Integrity is a course on values, ethics and how to address corruption.

Our intention here is to build self-awareness, enable participants to commit to making the right decisions and strengthen relationships.

Resolving to adopt a lifestyle of integrity is a decision that will affect all aspects of your daily pursuits — your activities on a personal level as well as on behalf of your family and business. It all starts with the desire to take a self-inventory to discover needs you’re not currently fulfilling in your life and then deciding to take actions to change this.

Interested in the course?

We would like to collaborate with:

  • Institutions of learning to (re)orientate youth on values and ethics
  • Private sector organisations as an enabler for all staff and/or contractors seeking to partner
  • Public sector organisations and parastatals as a training tool to support public officers
  • Telecomms and technology companies –hardware, software to support its distribution across Nigeria
  • Press and social media to create awareness on eIntegrity and its user experiences
  • Civil sector organisations to promote ethics, integrity and the fight against
The online course offers a deep understanding of what values are and how they can be applied.
Take advantage of our early bird discount up until March 30, 2016. To indicate your interest and pre-order for eIntegrity, please click here.
For more information, send an email to iolubode@leapafrica.org or aalaga@leapafrica.org or call 01-2706541/2.

Please click on this link to view our demo.

View photos of the launch here.

Taking accountability to the next level!

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