My name is Udebuchi Rosemary Adaobi. I am the fourth child from the Udebuchi family of eight. My growing up days as a child was very tough. I grew up in a polygamous home where my mother is the second wife to my father. My siblings and I were raised in a middle-class home but since my father’s death, things changed. All the assets merited to us were seized and my mother had to work very hard to ensure we continued in school and had food on the table. We were later sent out of the house we lived in and that was when I decided to come to Lagos where I could continue my education and also help my mother in any way I could to ensure my siblings also have an education.

My first encounter with LEAP Africa was during my first term in SS1 when our teacher, Mr Sidiq selected some students for a leadership training programme. Fortunately, I had the privilege of being selected and I have never regretted that decision.

My engagement with LEAP marked the beginning of my success story, particularly with regards to my academic performance and moral behaviour. During the Youth Development Training Programme (YDTP), I learnt a lot on time management, vision and mission statements, values and communication skills etc. It was during the week that we treated vision and mission statement that I actually developed a vision for myself. Time management has also helped me a lot during exams, at home and in my daily activities. I’d say at this point, I believe I am fully trained to inspire people around me in a positive manner. Even more, my YDTP experience gave me a sense of belonging and I carry that with boldness, knowing that I have a success story to tell.

My colleagues and I were given t-shirts in the course of the training,  which we wore during the days of our meeting. My t- shirt is one of the things I miss so much about the YDTP. After our change projects I had to stop wearing the t- shirt and this made me sad because I desired to continue the YDTP but could not. However, I drew consolation from the fact that I had learnt a lot and nothing can take these lessons away from me.

The educational system in Nigeria is one that has been greatly enhanced through the introduction of YDTP in schools. I take myself and my school as an example. Prior to the introduction of the programme in my school, there was nothing like identification of one’s inner self, effective communication etc., among students. These are subjects that teachers were not being paid to teach, but the YDTP in schools has filled that gap by taking the role to teach students the right attitude to education and morals that are expected of them both in school, at home and in their society. The training has also made students to realize their talents, strengths and weaknesses and the best way to approach them.

Through this program, students are now trained to become future leaders and am proud to say that 98% of the students who are prefects in my school are young leaders who participated in the YDTP training.



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