#LEAPAlumni: Maduabuchi Obinna Emmanuel, Tax Research officer, ACCERS

It started with a call for application for LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Programme (YLP). At first, I was skeptical about turning in my application as it could just be the same debate of leaders are created or born do you agree? Again I was in my penultimate year at the University of Lagos which was characterized by lots of academic work, projects and assignments. Atlas, I made one of the best decisions in both my career and personal life by submitting my application. Few weeks after, I was selected to attend the memorial YLP.

The programme significantly altered my thinking pattern, especially the session on creativity. I was made to understand that everything is possible. If it is thinkable then it is achievable. My knowledge on how to set specific objectives became real as opposed to my initial theoretical knowledge. I currently use this positive mindset to solve the various challenges that show up in my life.

LEAP taught me humour, open-mindedness, and teamwork .I was nurtured to be a positive change agent in my immediate environs and these virtues I hold dearly even as I write. Of course, I will continually inculcate these virtues in my wife,  daughter and every person I come in contact with on my journey to greatness. Friends, I am not being too emotional but LEAP’s lessons are really great insights for potential change agents.

Another interesting thing about joining the LEAP programme was that the knowledge was helpful in achieving academic success in school. During the year I participated in the programme, I  had a good grade point average in my penultimate year in school, which culminated into graduating  with a first-class (Honours) degree.

I am currently developing a career as a financial expert. I have worked as a resident auditor at Zenith Bank Plc, as an Accounting Specialist with Nestle Nigeria Plc and I am currently a Tax Research Officer at Accounting Education and Research Services.

I look forward to attending more programme with LEAP in the future.


Have you attended our programmes? Do you have an inspiring story to share? Send an email to We’ll love to hear from you.

Happy International Youth Day 2016!



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