Where you are today is your opportunity; your gold-mine. So work with what you have because everything else is a dream.

Sometimes we wait for others to develop, influence, change and impact us, forgetting that we have a significant role to play in becoming better individuals — It’s a simple term called self-leadership.

Self-leadership is an internal dialogue that sets you apart for success. It is a decisive commitment to all-round growth at every stage of your life.

Mrs. Juliet Ehimuan, Country Manager, Google Nigeria and Director at LEAP Africa, point out “for you to be a better leader, you need to lead your own life for your own progression.”

According to Mrs. Ehimuan, here are 11 ways to improve your self-leadership skills.

  1. A self-leader understands what the mission and vision of an organization is and how it align with theirs. It’s called clarity of purpose.
  2. When you raise your thinking, you elevate yourself. A positive attitude increases your chance for success. It improves your outlook of the future.
  3. Where you are today is your opportunity; your gold-mine. So work with what you have because everything else is a dream.
  4. As a self-leader, it is important to give your best at every assignment. Be committed to  personal excellence.
  5. Determine your quarterly targets: Every quarter, ask your supervisor what you need to be responsible for and take responsibility for the tasks assigned to you.
  6. Seek feedback from others- Understand your blind spots and conquer them. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you increase morale and productivity.
  7. Hunt for opportunities to grow. Only you can determine what you need to get better, so perpetually seek and discover new opportunities, new ideas, and new approaches.
  8. Teamwork: Roles don’t exist in isolation. Everyone must think of how others can succeed as a team. “When the team wins, we all win”.
  9. Managers must always seek ways to appreciate team members. Appreciation is the feedback loop that sustains interest in an organization.
  10. Culture – People determine the culture of an organization. The cultural climate cannot be separated. It is what helps to espouse the values of an organization. Stay connected to the vision and understand what your part is.
  11. Integrity is following through even when things are not working, even when people don’t agree with your perspective. You don’t get upset because your point of view hasn’t been considered. You respectfully accept the decision made and move forward.

Watch the video on self-leadership by Executive Coach & Author, Andrew Bryant.

Self leadership is imperative if you want to be a successful leader. It begins with you…


2 thoughts on “11 Ways To Improve Your Self-leadership Skills

  1. Thanks for sharing this. They are very important nuggets of wisdom to keep on focused. She said something else that I thought was very insightful. “The more successful you are, the more self leadership you require.” Hmmn…lessons from a exemplary “self-leader”.


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