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How to Get a Job #LEAPBooks

Whether you are looking for employment or want to own a business as a young person, your success depends on how prepared you are to enter the workforce. A basic education is essential to long-term employment, but it is only the foundation for entering the 21st century workforce.

Being workforce ready goes beyond having a formal certificate or degree. As part of LEAP’s research, we engaged long-term recruiters and youth employment trainers who revealed that the greatest obstacles  to youth employment in Nigeria are the lack of professional attitudes and transferable skills relevant to having the right mindset, behaviors and skills to perform well at work and become relevant in today’s job market.

A professional mindset

Are you ready to work?  Whether you own your own business or work in a company, working takes effort, the willingness to be there and the commitment to put forward your best abilities everyday – there is a reason it is called work! Human Resources specialists across Nigeria consider attitude to be as important as actual skills and competencies.

Employers are looking for people that they can rely on to deliver results. This means that going from studying to working requires you to change your mindset from that of a student to that of a worker. This is not always easy because in the workplace, your schedule is no longer set by the school or university; you have to set and manage your own priorities. Also your parents and teachers are no longer responsible for your behavior. At school, your work mostly affects you only.

In the workplace, what you do and say affects more than just your performance. You are now responsible and accountable for your actions and performance on the job because your bosses, colleagues, and clients are all depending on you. Being professional and having a good work ethic means that you are responsible for controlling how and when you complete your works and how you interact with colleagues who see and do things differently from you.

STAR Skills

Above all the different competencies you may require, the most attractive to employers are:

  1. Service: Communicating patiently and politely with colleagues and clients until their request is honoured.
  2. Teamwork: Working in collaboration with others to improve performance
  3. Ability to learn: Being able to learn new ideas and skills as well as from your past mistakes
  4. Resourcefulness: Thinking creatively and taking initiative for the benefit of the workplace

Whether you are a secondary school student or a university graduate, finding a job is possible!

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