LEAPAlumni: Oluwasegun Oluwaleti
Oluwasegun LEAP Africa adjectival name- “SUPER SEGUN” is a true reflection of his quest, zeal and views to life. In a world filled with uncertainties, LEAP Africa gave me the required ingredients to truly leap into a world of possibilities.

My journey to leadership positions can be traced back to my early stint with LEAP Africa. In an attempt to consolidate self help nuggets from stables of Steven Covey and Brian Tracy, I enrolled for the LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) in 2006 and I have never regretted taking such initiative.

During the training, my change project focused on curbing uncoordinated/unsolicited adverts and posters which was an eye sour to the University of Lagos community as far back as 2006. The project initiative was submitted to the University authority via office of the Dean of student affairs. Today, the University of Lagos is better off, cleaner and an envy to all. For me, my change project  with LEAP Africa was a brain tasking exercise. I fought hard with my thinking process and I must admit it was worthwhile.

Today, I am an architect, a writer, speaker and photography enthusiast. My work has been featured in the Guardian newspaper. As an architect, I have strong background experience in real estate, mixed use, retail and commercial developments. In September 2015, I was appointed Real Estate Unite Ambassador in Nigeria based on my contributions and knowledge of the construction industry in Nigeria. I am also a  public relations committee member of the Lagos Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Architects and a member of Maryland Lions Club, Lagos.

I’m currently focused on helping young minds build and nurture healthy lasting relationships and Marriage via Scars of Love Initiative. Scars of Love is a non for profit relationship and Marriage counselling initiative aimed at building and nurturing long lasting happy relationships and marriages. Scars of Love initiative was borne after a true life story and experience. Call it a near miss tango with devil and you may just be right. I know what it feels like to be in a toxic relationship. It is devastating! During my recovery period, I experienced a paradigm shift with respect to love, relationship and marriage. Since inception, Scars of Love has provided succour to many broken hearts and struggling relationships and marriages. The initiative has recorded notable success stories of awakening, recovery and healing from people across the globe.

At the moment, our materials are easily accessible on and via our social media platforms.

Plans are underway to start a weekly radio counselling programme and activation of a Facebook live chat will start soon. Preparation for our annual February 14 Valentine Hangout is also currently ongoing.

Oluwasegun Oluwaleti is a LEAP Africa alumni (Silver stars class of 2006).


Have you attended our programmes, volunteered or worked at LEAP Africa? Do you have an inspiring story to share? Send an email to We’ll love to hear from you.


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