#LEAPLessonsJan2Dec2016: With relationships, it’s quality over quantity

with-relationships-its-quality-over-quantityNot too long ago, Tosin was up and ready to go to work, but her dad informs her that the driver is unavailable for the next two weeks because he has exams to write. She’s standing in his study and thinking, “Ok, that’s fine. But how are you going to move around though?”. He continues ” There’s somebody downstairs who can drop you at your office, but I’d like for him to stop at the store to buy something on his way back home, so give him some money”. Naturally, she’s excited! she still has a ride to work today! Quickly, he goes on to mention his name “Felix will take you. You might still be able to remember him. He’ll be helping out while Adams is away”.  Tosin is very good with faces. Horrible at remembering names, but if she interacts with you once, she’ll remember you forever! (At-least that’s what she tells herself.) As if attempting to go deeper than mere facial recognition, she mumbles to herself “My Felix? I know Mr. Felix!”. Immediately, the face of the man flashes before her. But she’s unsure if it’s the same person she knows from her childhood. The only way to find out is to meet the gentleman downstairs in the living room.

Ahhh..it was THE Mr. Felix! The man she thought she would know. Mr Felix hadn’t changed much. He still looked young and very happy; always always smiling. They exchanged greetings while she waited for him to finish the breakfast that had been offered to him. Isn’t it wonderful?! She said. Toyin hadn’t seen him for over 12 years! He was her dad’s driver at the time; a very efficient, very professional driver…one of the best of the lot!

As they drove quietly, she marvelled at her dad and how utterly amazing it was to know that nobody leaves their home, whom he does not keep in touch with. This wasn’t the first reflective moment for her. He was good at making her go Wow!” If he needs help, he find helps, one way or another. Friends and family are always pleased to sit with him or provide some sort of assistance. It was a defining moment that Monday because she said to myself, “I must truly learn how to keep, build and manage my relationships. I need to ask dad how he does it!”

The young lady didn’t want only for people to run to her aid anytime she was in need, but that she would genuinely care, appreciate and never forget others. The very same day, she went through her contact list and began sending messages to people she hadn’t spoken to in a while. She had a plan! Once every week, she would make out time to check up on those she cared about and deepen her ties with others. These include relatives, friends, colleagues or  people who had gone out of their way to make her happy.


With relationships, it’s quality over quantity. It’s not about how many friends we have. It’s about the quality of every single one. 

What experiences have you had this year? What are your plans to strengthen your relationships this year and 2017? Leave your comments below 🙂

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