Nothing happens by chance. Life is hard-work. It’s the attitude that produces success!

According to Patrick Johnson, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is very small.  It’s just that little bit more that you do that can set you apart from the average.

Any goal we set out to accomplish in life requires hard work to complete, of this there can be no argument.  Yet how many times do we see people with everything in their favor fail and the people who have all the odds stacked against them succeed? What’s the difference between those two scenarios?

The difference is the person who succeeded tried a little bit harder and was a little bit more persistent in the pursuit of his or her goals.  Even though it seemed like a fruitless venture they stuck with it just a little bit longer and BOOM hit the jackpot!

The person who failed went for their goal and when the going got tough… gave up, deciding not to stick with it.  They didn’t believe in themselves or the goal strongly enough to see it through until the end.

THAT’s the difference between success and failure.  It’s all a matter of your desire, your passion and your commitment.  Find what you are passionate about and commit to it.  Be persistent in the achievement of your goals and don’t be afraid to put in the extra work to get it right.

That is what will set you apart from the crowd and allow you to beat the average.  Go forth today and become a glorious success.


Is hard work important to you?  Leave your comment below



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