Ever met somebody who’s first reaction is to have a good laugh when something not so good happens? The kind of person who literally LAUGHS OUT LOUD (LOL) because as far as they are concerned, that’s really all they can do?

It’s possible you considered them ridiculous! Why on earth will something/ANYTHING go wrong and their immediate response is to laugh??

A friend shares a story of how her security guard offered to drive the car out of the parking lot into the driveway. “Oh, wow, you can drive?” She asked. Confidently the young man responded  “Yes I can!”. Being very comfortable with him and believing in his abilities to deliver well, she gave him her dad’s car keys and in he went to park the car out front.

Seconds after, she was mortified! She could hear the very disturbing sound. She watched him scratch the side of her father’s vehicle against the white gate that made it clearly difficult for the lad to drive through unscathed.

Quickly, she took the keys from him and parked the car herself but she sat there. Quiet. Distressed. Wondering how, just how she would report the sudden unfortunate incidence to her dad. Oh, how she wished she could rewind; to assume what she was experiencing  was nothing but a very bad dream.

Blind trust you might say. How can she give her father’s keys to the security guard? Well in her defense, she says “He does a lot of things so well. So I just believed him…I don’t know why!”

Seconds after, the boy appears, steering through the glass window and wondering why she hadn’t gotten out of the car. Their eyes meet and she sees the most ridiculous expression on his face …a smile! What was he smiling about!!? Sandra wanted to throw her fist at him. He was apologizing and smiling. She could see his teeth. She says she tried to keep calm until she came to the point where in all honesty, she really couldn’t understand why he was smiling and not feeling as miserable as she was. In the end, he got a real tongue lashing. She rebuked him for daring to show a happy face. Who was going to pay for the damage?

Howbeit, deep inside she knew there was nothing that could be done, other than to repair the portions that had been scratched… Why cry over spilled milk right? Still she tried to convince herself that a more remorseful appearance would have tempered the situation. Definitely it would have but it wasn’t in this young man’s nature to go mad with anger as it was for dear ol’ Sandra who now had to summon the courage to explain the details to her dad.

Irritated as she might have been, she says she learned to be still. To laugh even just a little to ease off some tension. She won’t always be able to control situations but she can choose to control how she responds to them.  And that’s one self-leadership principle to adopt.

Joy is one of life’s greatest gifts. It’s a gift that isn’t limited to happy moments. You can be joyful in good and bad times. Joy in itself is a spring that cannot be contained. It is a gift to be given as it is to be received. In-fact humor and laughter are restorative forces that can help us find meaning and purpose even in the darkest of times. First it might seem pretentious, but the more it is practiced the quicker it becomes a lifestyle, a part of you that you can share with others.  So when a person chooses to laugh, leave them. That’s how they have decided to respond to the issues around them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they do not care or that they are indifferent. After all, why be brought low my life’s problems when a  great attitude can get you through it!

Oh, by the way, the guard reported himself to her father. “Oga I, …I wanted to help Sandra to park…” and he narrated the entire story to his boss. This time he wasn’t smiling. Not after the little talk from Sandra. In response, her dad thought quietly about the situation  then shocked both of them. He said “It’s ok. But please next time, don’t drive any of the cars out again”. Then he walks inside the house. Again she learns another valuable lesson “Power isn’t given to terrify or threaten. It’s given for a much bigger cause.”


How do you respond to life’s challenges? Leave a comment Below: 


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