#LEAPLessonsJan2Dec2016: Time is Life.

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of —Bruce Lee


Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock... and the time you thought you so generously had is gone!

Two foxes watched a wild boar sharpening his tusks on a tree-trunk.

the boar and the foxes“Why do you do that?” asked one of them, “the huntsmen are not out today.”

“Let that be so,” answered the boar, “but whenever my life is in danger, I shall need my tusks and there will be no time to sharpen them.”

Time is life. Every second of our life is one that cannot be recalled. If we all treated our minutes a little more like money, there might be less time spent doing unimportant things  and more spent moving our lives, relationships and organizations forward.

If we learn to manage our time, keep the waste to a minimum and work at making the most of the time we have, we enrich our lives. By extension, we also enrich the lives of the others with whom we share our time.

Natalie Tarpinian puts it this way “The quality of activities completed within a given amount of time is what differentiates highly productive entrepreneurs from wishful thinkers. Entrepreneurs have a responsibility to partners, customers, and employees to make the most out of their time. Effective time management skills can enable entrepreneurs to expeditiously complete essential tasks while still leaving room for additional activities. Some entrepreneurs work with mentors and partners to ensure that they stay focused on their most important objectives. Entrepreneurs who make good use of their time can actualize great achievements while maintaining a balanced life”.

Time Management is really life management. Every man, woman, child must understand this dynamic and plans accordingly in 2017.


A Structured Day Can Keep Wasted Time at Bay

What valuable lesson have you learned about managing your time in the year 2016? Do you have an interesting story to share? Leave a comment below.


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