#KnowYourRightsNigeria App: Opportunity for Nigerians to get free Legal support in Nigeria


Ever heard of the mobile App called #KnowYourRightsNigeria?

“Know Your Rights Nigeria’ creates a  platforms where people can engage lawyers free of charge on any human rights issue that arise on a daily basis. Individuals can report abuse of their rights immediately without revealing their identity when reporting human rights violations.

#KnowYourRightsNigeria App is free and is available in English and Pidgin. It is designed for the benefit of all Nigerians, foreign nationals residing in Nigeria and for people who have relatives in Nigeria.

The Founder, Adeola Austin Oyinlade, LEAP Africa Awardee (2010), developed the app through the support of the U.S Consulate General, Lagos. Mr. Adeola Austin Oyinlade who is also the principal Partner of Adeola Oyinlade & Co and resource person to the African Union, United Nations and UN Peace Ambassador.

Android phone users can download the App from Google Playstore or here–> 

Non-Android phone users can access the web version of “Know Your Rights Nigeria” on www.knowyourrightsnigeria.com

When the App is downloaded once, users can access the content offline (without data) at any point in time.

(Video) CCTV News explains succinctly what the #KnowYourRightsNigeria App is about and how the global audience can use it. Read full details here->

You can also connect with ‘Know Your Rights Nigeria’ on the following social media accounts:

Twitter: @KYRNigeria  / Instagram: @knowyourrightsng


Youtube: youtube.com/knowyourrightsnigeria

Email: constitutionalrightsnigeria@gmail.com

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