LEAP Alumni: Roseline Eyenike, Relationship Manager.

LEAP had a reverberating effect in my university days!

I was introduced to the organization through the help of my friend, Damilola. Back then, I had the opportunity to attend LEAP Africa’s Employability programme sponsored by JP Morgan in June 2012.

I would say it’s been a jolly good ride as lessons learnt on integrity, ethics, communication and conflict resolutions has played well in my daily work-life integration both with internal and external personnel. An aspect of communication that was drawn out and that resonates strongly till date, is how to use the Situational Behavioral Impact tool taken by Oje Ivagba. The session dealt with the importance of feedback. It changed my perception and understanding of events and improved my ability to handle issues without attacking the people I am relating with.

Time management is another key take-away I have imbibed from the LEAP family; my ability to prioritize and value the resource of time.

LEAP offers a 360 degree perspective to work, people and processes.

I am proud to say; LEAP is part of my success story and enjoin the youth to associate with the laudable projects attributed to the organization.


Have you attended our programmes, volunteered or worked at LEAP Africa? Do you have an inspiring story to share? Send an email to info@leapafrica.org or connect with LEAP Africa on twitter/instagram @LEAPAfrica. We’ll love to hear from you!


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