LEAD the Way (LTW) was up and running for three streams in June and July, 2017 and we have had some amazing feedback from previous and existing participants. 

17 year old Jason attended the Summer 2017 teen camp last month. He shares his experience at the 5-day programme.


My experience at LEAP Africa’s LEAD THE WAY programme opened me to a lot such as finding my purpose, becoming a better leader, improving my self confidence and identifying creative ways to change societal ills.

The programme was a stretch of 5 days. I would wake up in the morning as early as 6 a.m to get ready so as to beat the traffic in Lekki. I was one of the 48 teenagers at the programme so I assured myself I would have fun, mainly because I was going to be around people of my age.

Daily, my friends and I were taken through sessions on different aspects of leadership by various facilitators. Aspects like values, visioning and goal setting etc. For most of the sessions, we would play a short, interesting group game that required team work and brain storming before we left for breakfast.

As soon as we returned from breakfast, we would be seated for more sessions and yet more fun group games. One of the group games I enjoyed the most required each group to take pictures that describes a message on leadership or team work. Another was an activity where we had to build the tallest tower with marshmallows and strings of spaghetti. This game was very interesting because we had to improvise and brain storm how to build a tower with the limited resources we were given. I also found designing our vision boards a very helpful exercise but it was interesting and amusing listening to my friends illustrate and present their plans…great fun!!

Before I came to the programme I was not a very social person but within a short period of time, I made lots of friends which is also very unusual for me. I have learned to listen to other people’s ideas, speak up in public confidently and interact better.

It was more fun for me on the fourth day because we went out in customized t-shirts for community service at a government school in Agege, Lagos. We were divided into groups according to what we volunteered to teach the students. I was in the etiquette group were we basically taught them good table manners, how to knot a tie and how to fold clothes. There were other groups as well, like the ICT group that taught them how to use softwares such as Ms WORD and PowerPoint. It was interesting to see the students eager to learn from us, despite the fact that we were all in the same age category. To show their appreciation, the students performed two songs for us; we took pictures and said our goodbyes.

On the last day, Nissi Madu, e-LEAP’s Programme Coordinator presented our certificates to us and I went home excited to share my experience with my family.

Overall I learnt a lot during my 5 days at LEAD The Way and I would strongly recommend the team camp for anyone in search of their purpose.



Follow Jason on Instagram @Jayson.ea or on Twitter @thenaturalone.




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