Between 2nd to 5th September 2019, LEAP’s team met with key education stakeholders and Teacher Mentors in the Mastercard Scholars Program in Ethiopia which is the first phase of engagements in the LEAP Africa’s Transformative Leadership Program (TLP). The team shared the TLP model and how it can benefit the Teacher Mentors (TMs) in Ethiopia.

A total of 12 education stakeholders were at the meeting to discuss education in Ethiopia, the Scholars program and the Transformative Leadership Program for Teacher Mentors. Stakeholders included the Acting Gender Director at the Federal Ministry of Education, Ethiopia, Mr. Berhanu Arega; the Executive Director, FAWE Ethiopia, Ms. Roman Degefa; principals and Directors from secondary schools in four regions in Ethiopia, a Teacher Mentor and other FAWE Ethiopia staff.

Stakeholders shared their reasons for of being a part of efforts to support Scholars (i.e. what drives them), discussed the challenges faced by Scholars in Ethiopia, shared their feedback on the Transformative Leadership Program and even engaged in a fun energizer with the LEAP staff. It was a time of learning and sharing.


FAWE- Ethiopia (Forum for African Women Educationalists-  Ethiopia is a non-profit supporting 800 Scholars (600 females and 200 males) in Ethiopia to excel in school and develop as leaders.  To achieve this, FAWE Ethiopia works with Teacher Mentors who in turn support the Scholars.

“With the correct information, good mentorship and resources, I believe students will be citizens that bring change to the community and country at large at large and this inspires me.”- Seblewengel Solomon (FAWE Project Officer)

FAWE Ethiopia is doing a lot of work in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Education to bring about gender parity in education. LEAP in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation is excited to be joining FAWE and the Federal Ministry of Education Ethiopia to support the progress of the scholars.

“I’m a different teacher as a result of this training. I’m sure that my teaching style will change going forward. “I’ve been to many training, but I’ve never experienced this kind of training as I’ve learnt many concepts that I’ll practise when I get back to school.” These were some feedback from teachers after the Training of Trainers which ended today in Ethiopia.

We cannot overemphasize the need to continuously train teachers. It has various implications, especially on society. Education is the key to a better society.

The teachers have been inspired to be transformative leaders and impact the lives of their scholars positively.

We thank Mastercard Foundation for providing us with the platform to extend the impact of the work we do across Africa.

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