About LEAP Africa

Leadership Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism (LEAP) Africa, established in 2002, is a non-profit committed to developing dynamic innovative and principled African leaders. We recognize that raising leaders is critical to nation building and wealth creation. Over the years, LEAP has inspired and equipped youth, business owners and social entrepreneurs to lead ethically while implementing initiatives that transform their communities and organizations for better; sustaining livelihood and contributing to national development. LEAP achieves this through its training programmes, publications and most recently eLearning.

LEAP actively contributes to the body of knowledge on how to build a sustainable organisation in our local business environment. Extensive research forms the basis for our books and leadership training curricula and our books are action-oriented guides to creating positive and lasting change in individuals, organisations and communities. To date, LEAP has published 11 books on topics such as ethics, governance, talent management, succession planning and corporate culture. Our most recent publication, The Art of Managing Risk was launched in June, 2015 at our annual gathering of SMEs.

Our focus is captured under three headers:

1. Youth LEAP – Changing the mindset of youth, equipping them to lead ethically and motivating them to deliver positive change in their communities.

On this platform, we offer an innovative leadership development approach to public secondary school students exposing them to the practical application of invaluable leadership and life skills which they otherwise may not have access to. This is accomplished through the Leadership, Ethics and Civics (LEC) programme which has been hugely successful, with over 14,000 students passing through and 1000 community change projects later. The programme is recognised globally as it was featured on CNN (see link below) and as a finalist in the Financial Time (FT)/Citi Urban Innovations Award in 2013. Young people who have benefited from our leadership training are 80% more likely to stay in school and retain jobs and excel at their trade, than peers who are not exposed to this learning.

2. Business LEAP – Supporting entrepreneurs in instituting systems and structures that are crucial for business sustainability.

We do this through our annual flagship event – The CEOs Forum – which we initiated in 2003. The CEOs Forum which usually holds in May which targets business owners and focuses on a theme relevant to building a sustainable enterprise. We offer training workshops and resources on some of our core themes; business ethics, corporate governance, succession planning.

3. eLEAP – Creating an online resource centre with technology enabled tools for developing innovative, dynamic and ethical leaders.

eLEAP focuses is on leveraging technology for social change by inspiring our target audience of youth and entrepreneurs to be better leaders through elearning/ mobile learning, apps, video and audio clips. We are piloting the elearning development with our Integrity Institute which is a course designed to raise awareness on ethics and empower its audience to resist corruption.

With the support of funders like the Ford Foundation, Citigroup Foundation, JP Morgan, TY Danjuma Foundation and several indigenous organisations, we have reached over 40,000 youth and business owners through our programmes and many more through local and international workshops.


42 thoughts on “About

  1. I must confess its an honor to get to know about LEAP AFRICA. Such a wonderful body and no doubt a wonderful team. I hope I get the honor to becoming a part of your team. Thanks.


  2. Going through your profile, i was amazed at the level of passion LEAP has for a continent. Your commitment, achievement and impact speak for itself. LEAP is the solution Africa has been waiting for, the change the world desires and a dream whose tome has come. Much grace, …Ride on!!!
    Henry Chuks
    Development Worker, Abuja.


  3. It’s a wonderful thing to know about LEAP AFRICA. You are doing a great for African Youth.
    When I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ the next programme coming up? I’ll love to βε̲̣̣̣̥ part of it.


  4. Indeed Leadership,Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism is what We need in our continent now and LEAP is the right vehicle to that promise land in Africa at the right time.
    Keep it up. Please How do we partner with this team?

    Egwuatu Samuel
    Program Officer,
    Global Youth Empowerment Initiative,


  5. LEAP Africa!
    LEAP Africa!!
    LEAP Africa!!!
    So many great reviews about you, how can I be a part?
    This sounds like my dream come true
    Please please please i would like to be a part of LEAP Africa, i would love to touch and change lives

    Best Regards
    Chika Ogbu


    1. Chika, so sorry this is coming late. You can send an email to LEAP Africa stating your intentions to be a volunteer. Someone will contact you with next steps. Happy holidays ahead. 🙂


  6. i have always imagine myself play very important role in peoples lives and i think i have found a better grounds for this in LEAP AFRICA.


  7. Kudos to LEAP AFRICA. This is Africans moment of greatness, and the greatness story will be incomplete without you. Ndewo!


  8. Am amazed that there’s such an organisation in Africa because i’ve always believed in touching lives in my own little way & i know that this is the major way to do it finally, pls how do i join


  9. Its great being part of this platform geared towards building the future of potential great leaders in africa.im proud of my continent and my country nigeria,together we will build a vibrant,focuse,commited nation of high repute.Thank you leap africa…….,great things beckon.


  10. I am amazed at what I can do with my potential and this I learned from Ndidi today at the AWIEF conference. Please I how can I be volunteer.


  11. Have always wanna show the world and the society how they have impacted so much on me.
    And I want to give back what it has offered me. Affecting peoples lives positively is my dream and Passion
    I hope to get the privilege to serve with this great team
    Up LEAP Africa


  12. I was opportune to watch an online leadership interaction training organized by LEAP sometime last year. It was wonderful and worthy to commend. I have started reaching some of the youths in my own community. Thanks to LEAP Africa.


  13. Hi,

    I will like to apply for the a volunteer position in your organization, I am presently studying Project Development and Implementation at University Of Ibadan..On numerous occasions, the credibility of your organization has been lauded by my lecturers.
    I look forward to your feedback.



  14. Hello,
    I would sincerely wish to be a part of LEAP family as a volunteer, judging by the impact they are making on lives.
    How do I do that.


  15. Leap Africa is highly appreciated for their brand initiatives on education, leadership and SME over the years.. We suggest that there can be a focus on online workbook and illustration exercise centered on ‘Homework at school.’ Software solutions can be created with educational learning programmes in literature, mathematics science home economics etc. Multinational companies can contribute to public schools due to their educational values and affordability.


  16. This is an awesome innovation. I hope Africa youths go all out to benefit from it. I will spread the news amongst my peers and also hope to benefit from it.


  17. Hello. My name is Dr Chukwu Ogechi. I finished my National Youth Service in October 2016.
    As an NYSC Optometrist, I carried out Teachers Training workshops for some selected teachers of four Schools in Cross River State. I also found out during one of my vision screenings that most pupils and students in schools in Cross River State have visual challenges.
    I have this passion to go further to help such pupils to attain maximum vision but my greatest challenge is finance.
    Please is there any way LEAP can help me actualize this dream?


  18. I’m an undergraduate youth with a positive mindset,determined to make a change and create wealth for myself,but I don’t know how or where to start from.Please,I need help.


  19. Leap Africa is a great source of inspiration for me and I will very much appreciate the opportunity to work with Leap as a volunteer. I am a graduate of university of Lagos, English Education. God bless Leap Africa .


  20. My friend advised that I browse through LEAP AFRICA to generate strength for the growth of VIRGIN HEART WITH (SOUTH EAST).
    I have read and understand your immerse contributions for humanity…
    May I request that this growing foundation in South East be mentored by you.
    Peace Dike.


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