CHILDREN WITH BIG IDEAS….They Listened, They Learned!


LEAPS Programme’s Co-ordinator, Ukwori Ejibe with YDTP Trainer David Omololu with students at the ceremony.

“There were challenges implementing the change projects; it’s either you overcome the challenges or you let the challenges overcome you – we chose to overcome them” (Rasheedat Ayorinde, YDTP 2015).

On Friday February 13th, 2015, twenty- four (24) students graduated from the Youth Development Training Programme at Agidingbi Senior Secondary School, Ikeja. The graduation ceremony was organized to mark the completion of the YDTP designed to deliver leadership training to young secondary school students in Nigeria. In attendance were Alhaji O.T Bakare (Principal), Vice Principals, Heads of departments teachers and students.

It was truly a remarkable day for the students that successfully completed the training, owing to the fact that they were able to implement three (3) social change projects in three developmental projects in the Agege and Agidingbi communities in Lagos State. Their change projects include a Soup Kitchen in Agege Area of Lagos State, a Health Fair in Agidingbi, Ikeja and Edufunfunds – Dream Starters savings club currently resident at Agidingbi Senior Grammar School with a vision of expanding to other public schools in Lagos State. Edufunfunds has a unique poverty and unemployment reduction strategy and seeks to provide a self-sustaining platform that empowers world future world leaders


Certificate presentation from school principal

According to David Aiyeola, the YDTP trainer for Agidingbi Senior Grammar School, the 12-months intensive programme transformed passive students of Agidingbi senior grammar school into responsible and impact seeking teenagers who have set clear goals and are ready to commence their journey with a positive outlook. David is one of the 193 YDTP trainers equipped in five states: Anambra, Lagos, Edo, Ogun and Taraba States with the funding support of First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Interswitch Nigeria and Seven- Up Bottling Company Plc. These trainers have continued to deliver the leadership curriculum in various secondary schools and communities across the states with the drive to promote innovative thinking and inspire positive community transformations which ultimately contributes to national development across Nigeria.


The graduating students feel that they have been empowered to stand out as examples in the school but most importantly as mentors for the new YDTP class.


LEAP would like to give a special thanks to our funders, First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Interswitch Nigeria, Seven- Up Bottling Company Plc, Lagos State Ministry of Education, the principal Alhaji O.T Bakare the school counsellors : Mrs Ogundiran and Mrs. Adeyemo and our most important stakeholders, the students of Agidingbi Senior Secondary School who successfully completed the YDTP and took great strides to make an even greater impact in the community.

#18 THE LAW OF SACRIFICE: A Leader Must Give Up to Go Up

You have to give up to go up.

Many people today want to climb up the corporate ladder because they believe that freedom and power are the prizes waiting at the top. They don’t realize that the true nature of leadership is really sacrifice.

Most people will acknowledge that sacrifices are necessary fairly early in a leadership career. People give up many things in order to gain potential opportunities. But the minute they climb, they forget the sacrifices they had to make and why they need to keep making sacrifices.

Sacrifice is a constant in leadership. It is an ongoing process, not a one-time payment.

Leaders who want to rise have to do more than take an occasional cut in pay. They have to give up their rights. Gerald Brooks says “ When you become a leaders, you lose the right to think about yourself”. For every person, the nature of the sacrifice may be different. The circumstances may change from person to person, but the principle doesn’t. Leadership means sacrifice.

As you rise in leadership, responsibilities increase and rights decrease.

Talk to leaders, and you will find that the higher the leader has climbed, the greater the sacrifices he has made. Effective leaders sacrifice much that is good in order to dedicate themselves to what is best. That’s the way the Law of Sacrifice works.

If leaders have to give up to go up, then they have to give up to stay up. You cannot replicate success without giving up more to sustain it. Leadership success requires continual change, improvement, and sacrifice. One act of sacrifice seldom brings success that’s why we mustn’t complain or congratulate ourselves when we give up something and things don’t work out the way we expect. But there’s always something gained in the end. Philosopher-poet Ralph Waldo Emerson offered this option: “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else; and for everything you gained, you lose something.

The Law of Sacrifice demands that the greater the leader, the more he must give up.

While pursuing his course of leadership during the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King was arrested and jailed on many occasions. He was stoned, stabbed, and physically attacked. His house was bombed. Yet his vision – and his influence – continued to increase. Ultimately, he sacrificed everything he had. But what he gave up. He parted with willingly. As a result, he influenced millions of people to peacefully stand up against a system and society that fought to exclude them.

What successful people find to be true becomes even clearer to them when they become leaders. There is no success without sacrifice. The higher the level of leadership you want to reach, the greater the sacrifices you will have to make.

To go up, you have to give up. That is the true nature of leadership.