Nelson Mandela  I got in to work a few minutes ago and set up my laptop. I realize I didn’t shut it down last night *guilt*. I’ve been told several times that this is one route to damage my computer but I honestly had good intentions to send a few emails and draft some letters last night. Anyway, my mailbox is now staring at me with lots of emails and follow ups. I start to put together today’s to-do list mentally. “Dear God, when will I ever get on top of it all?” I’m really asking myself, not God.

Then I look up and see the poster of Madiba. Hmmmn, if I had walked down a street anywhere in the word and seen him, I’m certain I would have known him in an instance. He is probably one of the most recognizable faces anywhere in the world. Great leader, this man…rallying around so many other Africans around a cause could not have been a walk in the park. His gentle face and simple smile belie his underlying strength…and then the quote, “There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere”.

How reassuring that journey towards anything worthwhile isn’t hassle-free. Perhaps if it is done well, I could be the poster girl for a future generation. Now there’s a power thought.

Freedom was his thing. What’s yours? You could replace the word ‘freedom’ with a word or phrase that captures the essence of what you do.

Have a good day people.


Article by IO

3 thoughts on “There is no easy walk to….anywhere

  1. Such food for thought. That inspiring tidbit is so profound to me as I too, am beginning my day right now. I have a to-do list for the long summer ahead of me, and I’m wondering what I shall do this day to get one step closer to achieving my goals before the next school year. You are right: there is no easy walk to success anywhere.


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