Join today’s brightest stars in social entrepreneurship!

Applications are now open for the next intake of Fellows for LEAP Africa’s Social Innovators Programme 

The Fellowship connects  outstanding change agents to training, funding, and professional network support required to strengthen their existing initiatives and enhance their impact and sustainability.

Are you eligible to apply?

Intending applicants must meet the following entry requirement to be considered for the SIP Fellowship:

  • Applicants must be Nigerians  resident in Nigeria
  • Applicants must be between ages 18 – 35 years
  • Applicants must be Initiators/ Cofounders of the named project/venture/enterprise/ Foundation
  • Social enterprise must be creative, innovative & replicable
  • Social enterprise must be contributing positively to impact local communities and lives of Nigerians in different sectors (E.g Health, Agriculture, Education, ICT etc.)
  • Applicants must be Able to show proof of work done and impact beyond 12 months prior to date of application for the awards. (Initiative must be a minimum of two year in existence)
  • Applicants must establish commitment to sustaining the initiative beyond Fellowship year

Applications must be submitted online by Thursday, June 30 2016. 

The Social Innovators Programme (SIP) supports youth between 18 and 35 years, whose ideas and initiatives offer effective solutions to challenges in local communities across Nigeria.

Selected Fellows get a chance to join IYF’s global YouthActionNet® community of over 1,100 young social innovators being supported by 21 national and regional institutes like the Social Innovators Programme (SIP) in 21 countries, across 5 continents.

The Social Innovators Programme is managed by LEAP Africa, with partnership support from the International Youth Foundation YouthActionNet® programme.

Interested? Apply here 

(All required credentials must be received by the appropriate deadline for consideration) 



9 thoughts on “Impact Opportunities: Application For LEAP Africa’s Fellowship Programme Now Open

  1. Greetings!,
    Anthony Sunday Inyang is my name and my the grace of God, a Mobile App games creator. well, i was around when this was done but, i would love to be given concention and if possible a loan grant to enable me work on my current mobile game App known as TOBOY. this will be a brain teaser game that will educate and inform couples, adults and certain teeny on current trends surrounding their sex lives and other healthy sextips worth their knowing.
    The Warm-Up edition will have about 90 questions to be answer in 6 levels of play with 4 help lines to assist players do so. this will be ;All of the above,Some of the above,None of the above and Most of the above.the options have undergone 4 years of hard slog and is never in the market and i, especially choose it to avoid plagiarism and cheating while playing the game.
    Additionally, the timing of the game will be 75 seconds per questions in the first three levels and 45 seconds in the remaining three with a 5 seconds alarm signal to alert players of the need for speed!. and given it’s empirical nature, i have decided too, to create a caricature love logo (heart) that will appear on the screen with some human’s features like ;eyes, mouth,nose,hands and legs. he will be on ground to add some dexterity while encouraging the spirit of fair play. furthermore, he should be able to wink his eyes bitterly when the wrong answer is given,scream aloud joyfully when the correct answer is given and clap his hands with a cheerful dance when a player is advancing to the next level but when a player fail, he would explode as in-form-of a pyrotechnic and splatter the screen with blood.
    The sequence of the style of play will be brill too and as a reminded will be included in the game rules. while the questions will get difficult as player progress to the next level for an example question 7 asked :WHICH OF THESE AMERICAN’S PRESIDENT HAS A TOYBOY WHILE IN THE WHITE HOUSE?.
    The answer may surprise you because Late Marilyn Manro was also a sexmate to one of the American’s President many years ago. in summary, my Business Plan will have an interest growth projection of about 27 percent which is possible if the game is produce in seven electronic platform puritanically.
    this will include: on Android, ios, goggle play, x-box 360, PC CdRom,facebook game platform and on play station 4.
    I am officially applying for a cash loan of $7,000 (seven thousand dollars) to enable me get this game to the market and is ready to partner with this firm to see this come true.


    Anthony Inyang.


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